Month in a Minute – July 2016

I got through July on an almost empty tank.

I found myself both physically and mentally exhausted and in desperate need of a rest. I can’t rest from everything, the world keeps turning and the days keep moving forward and I have 2 whirlwind kiddies that still need my attention. I’m lucky enough to work term time so for a little while I can have a little rest from commuting.

July we had more celebrations with Lily turning 8. She somehow managed to wangle a week-long celebration with family and friends. She had a wonderful time, I’m pleased that we were able treat her, not with stuff but by surrounding her with people who love her and helping her create some fabulous birthday memories!

The month also saw 2 more chemo sessions for Chris, as always those weeks were challenging but we managed to get through them and now Chris is 2 more sessions closer to the end.

In between those weeks and work (for me) we managed to fill our days with laughter (most days) and lots of good times with great people.

Now it’s your chance to take a look:



Month in a Minute

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Month in a Minute – July 2016

  1. Memories and love are way better than stuff so good for you – and good for Lily on the week long celebrations, they’ll only be getting longer you know? Hope you get some rest – and a rest from commuting can’t be beaten. Take care X

  2. Hope your husband is coping ok with the chemo, and you and family too. Son1 finally finished chemo last month after over 3 long years and it has been a tough journey here

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