Month in a Minute – September 2016

September was a month of getting back into a routine. Me back to work and commuting, after a week working at home due to shingles, and the kids back to school and nursery, although the small one still went to nursery during the holidays.

It was less busy compared to some previous months.

There’s been lots of sorting and organising in the house getting prepared from some things we’re doing to make it more accessible and easier to navigate for Chris, although you really wouldn’t notice by the current state it’s in and the amount that still needs doing!

I went to my first ever MAD Blog Awards as a finalist for Outstanding Contribution – still can’t quite believe it! I didn’t win but that didn’t stop me having a really good night with lots of laughs!

I also went to my favourite blogging conference Blog On MSI. It’s fairly local to me, the sessions are always really great and I get to spend time with some of my favourite blogging friends! Also this year the raffle and tombola raised a whopping £1800 for Team Cowley which is just, amazing!

Chris completed chemo sessions 11 and 12, leaving him with only 2 more to go. I still can’t quite believe that the end of this treatment is almost in sight!

And he took his first unaided steps which is just unbelievable only 4 months after his amputation!

We’ve had a couple of nights out together with friends but on the whole weekends and evenings have been quiet.

Now it’s time for you to take a look:

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