Dealing with Cancer in the Family · Thoughts and More

Then Before Now

Sometimes I miss my life Life before all of this Our life then The feeling of loss catches me off guard It becomes overwhelming The loss of then, the loss of dreams The simplicity of our existence I miss my worries being forgettable I miss carefree days that didn’t feel wasted I miss not feeling… Continue reading Then Before Now

Dealing with Cancer in the Family

Now I Take Deep Breaths

I no longer hold my breath. I don’t wish nor hope for the best. I no longer think there’ll be good news, That our luck will change. I don’t think much past the second, the hour, the day at hand, The moment I’m currently living. I don’t visualise good outcomes, Or how our lives will… Continue reading Now I Take Deep Breaths

Dealing with Cancer in the Family

Adjustments and Laughter

The past few weeks have been those of adjustment and laughter. Adjusting to news we weren’t expecting. It’s harder to hear the second time round, you’re very aware of the what a cancer re occurrence so soon can mean. Adjusting to knowing that there will be no cure for Chris’ cancer. He will have to… Continue reading Adjustments and Laughter

Dealing with Cancer in the Family

The Opposite of Easy

It’s been hard Hard to watch him in so much pain. Hard to see his face contort in anguish as he struggles to find comfort. Unable to find any relief. Unable to get a break. The tumour in his back now pushing on nerves. ‘Causing pins and needles then shooting pains thorugh his body, to… Continue reading The Opposite of Easy

Dealing with Cancer in the Family

Cancer is a Stupid Idiot

I made my daughter cry. My heart was broken and I was breaking hers. To make sure she would be able to deal with what the future might hold. Because I had promised her a year ago I would always be honest with her. So she knew what was going on, in the hope that… Continue reading Cancer is a Stupid Idiot