Cancer Sucks

World Cancer Day 2016

Since Chris’ diagnosis, Cancer seems to be everywhere. Every time I turn on the TV, it’s in films, on the news, on adverts, on the radio, on the back of buses, on my facebook and twitter feeds. There is no escaping it. Each time it’s mentioned, each time I hear on the news that a […]

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When Facts are Easier than Feelings

I now know what socks feel like in the washing machine. I am stuck on a fast spin cycle that’s no close to ending any time soon. When you picture your life and the ups and downs you might face, never in a million years do you ever envisage yourself going through and coping with […]

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When is gout not gout?

Dear Universe, I require the details of your complaints department. Quite frankly I’ve had enough and to be brutally honest I think you’re taking the piss. I want my money, well maybe not money. Karma, good times, luck, something back. How unlucky do you have to make one family? We have had our fair share […]

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The curious incident of the fish in the bit drawer

Winning a goldfish at a fair

Something happened today which is completely unexplainable and for most of the day had us, well, baffled. A week or so ago the munchkin won a goldfish at a fair. She hit the bell on one of those hammer test of strength things. The guy was all, ‘don’t worry if you don’t ring the bell, […]

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Who is this person that I see Reflected, staring back at me Looks like a girl I used to know But bits have changed and moved and grown My mind’s eye playing tricks on me Only picturing how I used to be Thin, young, bright fresh-faced Now it seems she’s been replaced Heavy bags now […]

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