2 milestone

When I started my training nearly 4 weeks ago I gave myself a small goal of being able to jog 2 miles by the end of November. This goal was set of course before I realised my body, and on the very odd occasion my brain, is hell-bent on making me fail so I wasn’t sure it would be possible!

I’ve been out 3 times this week, each with Mr C. He uses our ‘runs’ as a warm up cause he flits off to the gym and does other fitness bits after we’ve finished and before I’ve even caught my breath!

Monday we went on the 2.5 route over Everest. Which again was my sticking point although I didn’t have to crawl up it like I did 3 weeks ago when I first walked round the route! I felt better, I’d maintained a fairly good pace most of the way round, apart from 2 points where I kept going but had to walk.

Wednesday, I suggested a shorter route. Mr C said that I should try to jog as much of it as possible, which is what I thought I’d been doing on Monday but apparently not. Something about my head being my own worse enemy and that I just have to tell myself to keep going. I’m not sure how many times I have to tell him it’s in my legs not my head before he starts to believe me! Anyway, we set off. I have my  headphones back in now, but only one ear ’cause it’s fairly rude to put both ears in and completely ignore the person you’re jogging with. We walked for a little while, maybe 5 minutes and then we started jogging. I’m not a fast jogger, it’s barely faster than walking pace but I am jogging. The 1st mile of this route is virtually all on an incline so you’re constantly going up hill although not as steep as the Everest hill. I’m controlling my breathing but I’m out of breath ’cause my legs are hurting. I still manage to control it though and try my best to ignore how much my legs are feeling heavy. Theres 2 lads walking the same direction we’re jogging on the opposite side of the road and honestly it took us ages to pass them, in fact I’d have probably walked quicker past them! I keep going though, even though my brain is being evil to me and telling me that I could do with a walk, just for a little bit! No! I ignore it and keep jogging. We’re nearly at the top of the ‘hill.’ Mr C offers words of encouragement, the hard bit is nearly done he says. We turn the corner and I know it’s virtually downhill from here all the way home. It should be easier on my legs, which I can already feel it is. They’re already aching though so it’s not much help. I’m still jogging. I’m arguing with myself in my own head. ‘Start to walk, you need to walk’ ‘No you don’t, keep going’ It’s a constant battle, I’m not sure how normal this is. I know I can’t stop. I cannot stop. My legs are starting to really hurt now. We turn into a street, we’re on the home stretch. ‘Just get to the sign at the bottom of the road and then we’re home’ Mr C says. ‘Keep Going’ I scream inside my head. Then I’m at the sign and I’ve done it! I’ve actually just jogged 2 miles without stopping. I honestly nearly burst into tears! I can feel the emotion all over and the tears are in my eyes ready to go! I just want to fling my arms around Mr C! I’ve done it. 2 Miles!! Best run out yet!

I’m not going to lie, I’m out of breath but I feel really good! In 3 weeks I’ve gone from walking the entire route to jogging it! I am making progress, it’s slow but it’s happening.

I don’t want to let the momentum slip so we’re back out again on Friday night. Same route as Wednesday. I’m not sure if Wednesday was a fluke or not so we need to test it out! Mr Cs not up for it. I can tell, I don’t blame him. It’s bloody freezing and we need to get ready to go out. He comes though and he doesn’t moan. Because he’s not that up for it, he decided he’s going to be pace maker! We’re off and I’m jogging and I’m trying to work on my running style, Mr C had likened it to a shuffle and I know I need to relax the top half of my body which ends up all hunched up so I have to keep shaking my arms out to relax! We’re quicker tonight, I know this ’cause my app thingy tells me that we’ve done the first up hill mile 2 minutes quicker than last night. I’m feeling it though, I can feel my heart desperately trying to pump blood round my body and my legs are really heavy. I’m not stopping. The determined part of my brain is winning out over the part that keeps telling me I need to stop, but only just. Every so often this part of my brain tells me I can’t do this half marathon. It questions what the hell I’m doing to myself and why I ever thought it would be a good idea, It makes me doubt myself. But I keep jogging. We’re home and my legs are like jelly I’ve done it again. 2 miles. Not only have I done it I’ve taken 3 minutes off my time since Wednesday. Although I’m not that bothered how long it takes me as long as I get it done!

So my little to myself target of being able to jog 2 miles by the end of November has been reached. Now I just need to keep building up mileage and the time I’m out on my feet. I’ve set myself another little target to reach by the end of December which I’m working too now, when I reach that I’m pretty sure I’ll tell you all about it.

This going back to square one and starting with smaller goals seems to be working!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

3 thoughts on “2 milestone

  1. Great stuff and good luck with the rest of your hm training. I did my first half at the end of October, it was a great feeling crossing the line.

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