Beautiful Game

Watching Football is not good for your health!

For 90 minutes. An hour and a half. It’s not good for your health!

You’re excited to go to a game. You follow your team and you would follow them to the end.

You love them but by god it can be frustrating, but you’ll always follow them.

Sometimes you have no idea what they are playing at or why the manager picks who he does.

Sometimes you wonder what on earth they are doing.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Sometimes you experience history.

Yesterday I experienced history.

I went following little Wigan all the way to Wembley.

21000 Wiganers, a quarter of the towns population, witnessed it too.

21000, everyone a Wiganer.

Mr C, he’s supported them for years, since he was a kid, witnessed them being promoted, witnessed them win the Auto Windscreen Cup. Followed them home and away. He told his friends at high school that one day Wigan would be in the premier league and they laughed. He supported them when it was fashionable to support the other big popular teams from our region.

When they got promoted to the Premier League,  8 years ago, we got season tickets.

I’ve always loved football, being brought up by my Mancunian, Manchester United fan dad! I’d watched football from being a kid, I know the rules, I know whats going on, I even know how the off side rule works.

Wigan Athletic got under my skin.

Little Wigan.

I’ve watched some pretty shit games over the years, some pretty good games, games where Wigan played well, games when they didn’t, some games where it felt like we were robbed.

Yesterday Wigan were the underdogs.

Did anyone really think we would win?

It was going to be a good day out. Making club history, 1st ever FA Cup final.

You’re excited.

You can feel it.

Everyone is buzzing.

You’re soaking up the atmosphere.

You’re having a cheeky drink

You’re giddy

If nothing else this is going to be a bloody good day out.

Abide with me and the national anthem, we welcome the teams and then they kick off.

It’s not good for your health.

You’re playing one of the best teams in the league, although it really, really pains me to say that.

You’re not expected to win.

You don’t expect to win.

They’re playing well, holding their own, holding the ball, going forward, playing as a team.

Your heart is beating hard.

Adrenaline is pumping round your body.

Mr C says he feels like his head is going to explode, the longer is goes on the more nervous he’s getting.

No one was expecting this.

You’re cheering, shouting, singing.

You’re holding your head in your hands.

You’re looking away.

You’re holding your breath.

You know there is no worse sound than the opposition cheering when they score.


Have a shot!

Close them down!

Go to them!


You’re holding your breath.

Time is ticking.

Your heart is beating hard.

It feels like it’s going to explode in your chest!

The Adrenaline is pumping.

You’re ringing your hands.

You’re looking to the sky.

You’re praying to the football gods.

Please, Please, Please, Please.

You can feel it.

Time is ticking on.

You see Red!

Cheats! Send him off!

Time is ticking.

You’re heart is beating fast.

You’re head is pounding.

You can see stars.

The times on 90.

A corner.

You ring your hands.

You’re praying to the football gods.

Please, please, please, please!

It goes in!

It fucking goes in!!

90 minutes and it’s gone in!

You’re stood!

You’re jumping!

You’re screaming, cheering, shouting, chanting, singing at the top of your voice!

You’re jumping!

You’re hugging complete strangers!

You’re crying.

Crying cause this could be it.

The Adrenaline is pumping

You’re heart is beating fast

You’re ringing your hands

3 long minutes

You’re shouting

You’re holding your breath!

Ref come on blow up!

Ref come on!

You’re holding your breath!

This is it!

This is actually it!

You’re cheering!

Little Wigan!

No one was expecting that!

You’re crying!

This wasn’t supposed to happen!

This doesn’t happen to teams like ours!

You’re cheering, you’re singing.

You’re clapping so hard your hands hurt!

You’re on a high.

It’ll probably last all week!

No one can take it away!


FA Cup Winners!

Little Wigan!

Can you believe it. Can you actually believe it!

It can’t be happening!

We Believed!

We Believed. We cheered. We supported.

We wanted it.

You’re hoarse.

You’re exhausted.

You’re elated.

You can’t stop smiling.

You want to bottle this feeling.

There isn’t any other feeling like it.

You are on top of the world!

We’re Believers!

We wanted it,

We Believed.

Football is not good for your health.

IPhone pics 637

IPhone pics 651

photo (3) IPhone pics 661

IPhone pics 665

‘Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer!

Not a trace, of doubt in my mind!

I’m in Love!


I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried!’

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