The Meat is On!

Picture the scene.

Me, Mr C & the kid are out having a nice family meal. We’ve ordered the carvery. It looks & smells delicious.

We having a good natter as you do and then for some reason we get onto talking about the menu, in particular the Nut Loaf, which was the vegetarian option for the carvery.

Mr C exclaims that a carvery is pointless without meat!

I disagree. Then the following conversation occurs:

Me: I reckon I could go without eating meat

Mr C: No you couldn’t

Me: I really think I could.

Mr C: You could give up, bacon butties, salmon, roast, fish finger sandwiches, tuna pasta?

Me: Yes, I really think I could go without meat.

Mr C: Go on then, I bet you 100 pound that you can’t give up meat for a month.

Me: Ok then, but you need to give up something too.

Mr C: What?

Me: Beer, you need to give up beer.


So there you go. The bet was made. There is 100 English Pounds up for grabs!

I’m going to give up meat, all meat including fish, for the whole of September and Mr C is going to give up beer.

I’m not one to back myself into winning stuff against Mr C normally. Monopoly is banned in our house as it has  led to some pretty serious bust ups in the past, not that we’re competitive or anything.

But on this occasion I am going to back myself. I’ve already spent the 100 in my head I’m that confident that I can go for the month without meat, easier than Mr C can go without beer for the same amount of time!

He asked me yesterday what will happen if we both manage it and I laughed! I hadn’t even thought about it! He’s already been asking me if shandy counts as alcohol!! It’s not a good sign!

I’m at a BBQ tomorrow, which is good as it’s my last day for a month as a carnivore!

Wish me luck and if you have any yummy vegetarian recipes let me know!



Goodbye Meaty Carvery



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

4 thoughts on “The Meat is On!

  1. Good luck. As a veggie married to a carnivore, the most difficult thing is making meals which keep everyone happy! This risotto is a good one because you can make in two pans – one with chorizo and one without – and keeps fairly well for later in week.
    That’s about my only tip though. Other than that my husband has to eat veggie or just have grilled sausages on the side! Hope you win the bet.

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