Meat Free – Week One

I’m already a winner.

I have so far managed 8 days without any meat and I’m still going strong!

Mr C managed 4 days without beer before deciding he was going for a pint ‘cause his friend needed cheering up – a rubbish excuse in my eyes – but he is now out of the running!

He didn’t start ‘til the Monday, ‘cause ‘why would you start something like this on a Sunday’ and we were visiting friend, then by Friday he had caved!

I’m still in the running for the £100 and for house bragging rights, which I think is more important and if I’m really honest, the main thing spurring me on to get to the end of September without a morsel of animal passing my lips!

Only 21 days to go!

I’ve not really found it that difficult. I’m a pretty plain meal eater during the week so it hasn’t been too different.

The only test I’ve really had so far was this weekend when we had a take-away and we went out for tea to celebrate my mother in laws birthday.

I ate the only vegetarian option at the restaurant apart from salad, buffalo mozzarella and spinach ravioli, which was nice but there just wasn’t enough of it! That could have more to do with my appetite rather than the substance!

From the take away I had mushroom curry, which had been recommended to me and was scrummy. I didn’t have that normal bloated, I’ve eaten too much, I feel sick, I shouldn’t have eaten all that feeling I normally have from an Indian meal so I was pleasantly surprised. It’s something I would consider eating again when I return to being a carnivore!

I’m not missing meat yet. This could change of course. I’ve been looking at some vegetarian recipes so I don’t get bored with what I’m eating, and to keep me interested in the challenge!

You never know, I might actually learn to cook something by doing this!!

Week 2 begins!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Meat Free – Week One

  1. Well done! I don’t think id last very long..i tried no carbs before and failed! ..I bet its great to open your eyes to more dishes and ideas though! Keep going!!!

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