365 Project, Week #2

This week we have been back to school and work so most of my pictures are pretty random.

Day 5

photo (12)

Sunday saw us finally taking down and packing away the Christmas decorations. It’s a task I put off every year, the house always looks so bare. I did have a little smile to myself though when I packed away the stockings, this year we will have 4 stockings instead of 3!

Day 6

photo (13)

Monday was mine & the munchkins last days off! Unfortunately there was no lie in for us. We had to be up early to take the car in for a service and it’s MOT. Which it failed, spending A LOT of money on the car (the tax is also due) is not the best of starts to the year. We did get a courtesy car for the day. The munchkin was very impressed with the ‘posh’ car, although I think she really just meant clean!

Day 7

photo (14)

Tuesday I had my 1st consultants appointment regarding controlling my blood pressure this time round, I’m classed as ‘high risk’ this time and I have a lot to think about regarding birth choices and was told quite a bit of information, I really had to concentrate (I’ve written a little more about my appointment here) then it was back to work for me.

Day 8

photo (18)

After school we let the munchkin play with her ipad that her nana & granddad got her for Christmas. We limit the time she plays on it. As it is linked to my apple account my imessages appear on it. She has taken to sending us and my friends messages. It’s actually something I don’t mind her doing, it’s very difficult to get her to think about how words are spelt by sounding them out, getting her to write things down is a battle as is getting her to read! I have pre warned my friends who have been replying to her. Believe it or not it has encouraged her to think about what she’s writing in her messages and to make attempts at reading the reply.

Day 9

photo (17)

I came home to this beautiful hand painted card! Apparently the munchkin had been planning the card all week, so on Thursday before I got home, with a little help getting the paints out from Mr C, she made me this!

Day 10

photo (16)

I was not feeling the best. Very achy and hot! I actually got in the bath, with I never do as I’m a shower girl and then got my fleecy lounge pants on and relaxed on the sofa for the night! A head cold and a headache has taken control this weekend and as I’m limited to what I can take it’s going to take me a little longer than normal to shake it off!

Day 11

photo (15)

The munchkin was going to a party at Splashzone. I really wasn’t sure whether she’d like it or not, all depending on her mood depends on whether she’s calm if we ask her to jump in the shower or she turns into a screaming banshee! I didn’t have to worry as she absolutely loved it! It always makes me smile when I see her playing with her friends and to see her having so much fun! After the splash play was party tea and Ice lollies that made all the kids tongues turn blue! Hours of entertainment for them!

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15 thoughts on “365 Project, Week #2

    1. She’s already on rationing of the iPad πŸ™‚ She’s been very good with it which I’m pleased about! I miss them for a little while, then I’m glad they’re away for a few months πŸ™‚

  1. Lovely painting πŸ™‚

    In regards to the iPad, you can set up it with your iTunes Store account to share apps, but a different iCloud account so munchkin doesn’t see your messages etc. I really should write a blog post about this at some point…. πŸ˜‰

    1. Ooo! I will have to look into that, although not that technically minded so may end up round in circles πŸ™‚ if you write a post on it let me know!

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