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I’ve mentioned in my other posts about some linkys I’m going to join in this year (again apologies to my none blogging friends who have no idea what a linky is, you’ll get the jist the more the weeks go on.) This is another one! It’s called What’s the Story, hosted by the lovely PODcast. A photograph linky where you post a photograph and tell as little or as much as you want about it.

Well, I like to take a photo or 2 and have been known, on occasion, to have a muck around with my DSLR. I am not that good and often a good picture of mine is pot luck, I haven’t let this put be off and I literally have thousands of photographs and snap shots that sit on my computer. Hardly ever seen by anyone bar me, when I move them from my memory stick to my hard drive, and hardly ever shared. I wrote a post a while ago, more of a ramble to myself, about how I loved to look back at photographs. I’m going to join in this linky each week, hopefully, rather than look at a recent pictures, I’m going to take this time to have a look back, have the opportunity to share a picture, a moment in time, a memory with you.

I promise this is the last time I’ll need a long introduction!


This picture was taken on our honeymoon. Eight years ago this June. It’s a self portrait, we set the camera up on a glass and table mat to get it to the right height, as you sometimes have to when there’s only 2 of you!

It’s one of my favourite pictures of both of us.

We were on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. It was taken at a traditional Thai evening with food and entertainment at the hotel, Sala Samui. It was a stunning evening, the open air restaurant, that looked over the beach, and pool area was lit by candle light. The starter was fish soup which Mr C hadn’t realised. We couldn’t really see what we were eating. He couldn’t work out why the mushrooms were so chewy before realising that it was actually calamari.

Before we got to our honeymoon destination we had no idea where we were going. We couldn’t think of where we wanted to go, so I handed the pressure of the decision, the choice, the booking and the organising to my Mum. My mum loves a holiday and is always looking for the best deal to visit the next exotic destination.

We gave her our budget and some basic criteria. Somewhere warm, for 2 weeks. The world was literally her oyster! I didn’t want to know anything about it. I had too much to think about sorting out the wedding without having to worry. She even did all our packing for us!

We got married on a Friday and on Sunday morning my parents drove us to the airport. They hadn’t told anybody what they had planned so that the secret/surprise didn’t leak beforehand! Still with no clue of where we were going to end up, my dad ushered us to the airline desk. Showing the ticket to the beginning part of our journey a helpful staff member informed us we were that we should go to the 1st Class desk. As a wedding present my parents had paid for us to fly 1st Class! I do not know to this day how I didn’t hyperventilate right there on the spot! Act like you do it all the time, my dad said! Not bloody likely we were too excited! My mum had put together a pack of information about our final destination and we were under strict instructions not to look until we were relaxing in the airport lounge!

This holiday really was a holiday of a lifetime. Our adventure started from the moment we were dropped off at the airport and not a single part of the holiday disappointed. Well, maybe being delayed for 8 hours in Bangkok airport internal flight terminal for our connecting flight, a tear may have crept out, we had been travelling for close to 24 hours and I was very tired! The hotel was beautiful. The rooms were tiny villas with their own pools. We had spa treatments, went sightseeing, went drinking, ate the most amazing food, relaxed, soaked it all and just had a brilliant time.

There are so many funny and nice stories and anecdotes from this holiday! Mr C having a massage for the first time and standing in a tiny pair of mesh shorts, still makes me laugh out loud to this day. Some of our favourite experiences are from our honeymoon. The best meal we ever had, a fish restaurant in a tiny fishing village (we were a little tipsy and got the giggles) The best drink, Ice cold Sprite on a boat after we’d been sea canoeing on one of the trips. Memories to last a lifetime.

It really was the perfect start to married life.

Why not go and take a peek at the other photos being shared!

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6 thoughts on “What’s the Story – Honeymoon

  1. Oh my goodness what an awesome story! Fabulously told and a great photo too. Just love it. It’s always great recording memories gone by but even more special it was your honeymoon. Just brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing and joining in with #whatsthestory 🙂

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