Love the Little Things #2

Here we are. Week 2 of Love the little Things.


I finished reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It was a brilliant book, I really enjoyed the story and the way it was written. I would definitely recommend it.

I managed to pick up 3 books from a local charity shop at the weekend for £3 so have started reading one of those. To The Moon and Back by Jill Mansell. I’ve read a couple of her books and I’ve always enjoyed the easy read.


I’ve watched a couple of films this week. Mr C put the old classic Goodfellas on. I’ve seen this film many times but not for a few years and then I watched The Basketball Diaries. Again not a recent film, but I had never seen it. Based on the memoirs of Jim Carroll it was very dark in places and not the normal kind of film I would choose to watch, it was really good. I find it difficult to say I enjoy films with such a gritty and grim plot but I thought the acting in it was brilliant.


A Shania Twain song that I hadn’t head in ages! I have an album of hers somewhere which I think I’ll need to dig out!


One of the munchkins school books this week was about being a cress barber. So to encourage her to read, which is always a battle, we made the cress heads. She followed the instructions perfectly!



Still struggling with clothes that fit, I decided to treat myself to some new nail varnish, so I’ve been wearing this new matte colour. I thought it was a latte looking colour but under certain lights it looks purple, under other lights it looks like magnolia emulsion. I prefer it when it looks purple.


And Lastly

The munchkin decided she wanted to go to the after school Glee Club. She normally pooh-poohs any of the after school choices, ‘don’t bother reading that mummy, I’m not doing it’ she’s shy in groups where she doesn’t know people, but was very excited when I asked if she wanted to do it. Hopefully she’ll enjoy it!


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

4 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #2

  1. I just finished the Mr Fry book before christmas and loved it too. Did have a few weepy moments, it was so quietly sad in some parts wasn’t it. Love those matte polishes from Barry M too. I’ve got a greyish one I’m loving at the min.

  2. I really like the nail colour, I like simple colours and this fits the bill!

    I watched The Basketball Diaries years ago, I was still at school so I was a bit young to understand it at the time. I will have to try and watch it again!

  3. I haven’t seen The Basketball Diaries since I was at uni and the video was going cheap in HMV! I love Goodfellas too, one of my all time favourites! x

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