365 Project, Week #3

My week in pictures:

Day 12

photo (25)

Sunday was a pretty relaxed one, we did plenty of pottering and the went to see my Mum and Dad. After tea and bath for the munchkin we settled down for her to read one of her school books with daddy.

Day 13

photo (24)

Monday found the return of Rainbows. She loves to go and is very proud of her uniform!

Day 14

photo (23)

Tuesday was work and school and not a lot else to be honest! The munchkin decided it was a great day to try out the ladybird slippers her Gran got her for Christmas!

Day 15

photo (22)

The munchkins other school book was a factual one about being a cress barber. It’s sometimes difficult to get her to concentrate on reading, so to encourage her to follow and read out the instructions we made cress heads! They now have pride of place on the kitchen windowsill.

Day 16

photo (21)

A busy day for the munchkin as Mr C took her swimming after school. She was all tired out when she got back and what better way to relax than with some cuddly teddies!

Day 17

photo (20)

Friday found me leaving Mr C and the munchkin having a DVD and junk food night, whilst I went out for a catch up and tea with some of my very good friends. It was at a fairly new place in Manchester called Artisan. It was a brilliant night. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere and service were brilliant. It’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed by a restaurant, with this one I really was. Plus in January if you booked online you got 50% off your food bill! I saved enough to treat myself to a Virgin Mojito!

Day 18

photo (19)

We’ve been doing a bit of visiting today, my mum and dad and some friends. When we got home High School Musical was on the TV, I was treated to a show by the munchkin who was dancing along and making her own songs up.  Once the munchkin was in bed, a quiet night in watching Top Gun!


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6 thoughts on “365 Project, Week #3

  1. Love those ladybird slippers they’re brilliant! Would be great to make some cress heads when we’re settled with Mr Grasshead! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week, lovely photos 🙂

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