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The munchkin has lots of teddy bears and soft toys. Her most favourite of all is a white teddy bear called Holly. Holly was her 1st build a bear which we got her for her 3rd birthday. Holly comes everywhere with us, she is sometimes accompanied by Gary. Gary is a tan coloured teddy bear that she ‘won’ at a school fair, he had a gala bingo jumper on when he 1st came home so he was named Gary the Gala Bingo Bear, now he’s just Gary. Gary is a naughty bear, apparently, he’s the one that causes trouble with the other soft toys and keeps her up at night talking. When he’s allowed to come with Holly and us on a trip out, he often has to remain in the car, he’s older so he has to look after the other toys she might have dragged along, or because of some misdemeanour he is being punished for.

This picture is the munchkin at my god-daughter birthday party at a build a bear last March. In her arms is Duckleen. Duckleen had been picked beforehand out of a build a bear leaflet that had come through the door, which she though had been sent especially to her ready for the party. She was very excited about getting her.

On the way home, she was chatting to Duckleen in the back of the car, as she often does with her cuddly toys. Then she said to us:

‘I can’t wait to introduce Duckleen to Holly and Gary. Holly and Duckleen will be best friends but I don’t think Gary will be happy’

Curious we asked why.

‘Well, Gary doesn’t really like ducks!’

Needless to say we had a little chuckle to ourselves.

When we got home, she ran upstairs to get Holly and Gary for the introduction, she sits them all on the sofa and is chatting away to all 3 of them.

‘See’ she says, ‘Holly really likes her, but have you seen Garys face!’

I love her little imagination and remembering things like this always makes me smile.



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