365 Project, Week #4

Well it’s been quite a random week, and my pictures this week reflect the randomness!

Here’s my week in pictures

Day 19

photo (32)

On Sunday, after reading a few blogs about the Stick Man walk, we went to Delamere Forest to take part. It was a really nice day so the forest was pretty busy but it was a lovely day for a nice walk round in the fresh air! The munchkin absolutely loved the puddles and the mud and spent quite a lot of time jumping in them.

Day 20

photo (27)

Monday after work and when the munchkin was in bed, I settled down to start reading my book. It was a really easy book and story to read and I ended up staying up ridiculously late reading it!

Day 21

photo (31)

We have a couple of weddings and dos coming up and I have an ever-expanding waistline to contend with! I treated myself to some new maternity dresses, I found some really nice ones very reasonably priced on asos. I was really excited when they arrived on Tuesday!

Day 22

photo (28)

We were having a very nostalgic conversation at work on Wednesday about puddings which resulted in a colleague going out at lunchtime and buying an arctic roll for us to share! It was a great treat for a Wednesday afternoon!

Day 23

photo (29)

On Thursday we went for our 20 week scan. We took the munchkin along with us, typically she kept us all entertained with her questions and comments and had us all chuckling, not the greatest thing when you are bursting for a wee and someone is pressing on your stomach. We found out the sex of the baby which was exciting.

Day 24

photo (30)

Friday the munchkin had  a really good time at a party at the local bowling alley, we spent a couple of hours there. Her and her friends seemed to reach a whole new level of giddiness, there was plenty of running around. I love watching her with her friends, it’s so sweet to see.

Day 25


We went to a wedding, it was my very good friends sisters. She didn’t want an official photographer and knows that I like to take the odd snapshot, just relaxed photos of people, so asked me if I would take some. I love a good wedding so couldn’t resist. I just hope I’ve taken some photos that she likes. She looked beautiful and me and Mr C got to spend some time with our very good friends.



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13 thoughts on “365 Project, Week #4

  1. Love her colourful skirt she wore to her party. Glad to hear everything went well at your 20 week scan. I’ve also been looking for a book recommendation so this comes in handy 🙂

  2. What a lovely week – particularly keen on a muddy walk – we would love to do a Stick Man walk having enjoyed a Gruffalo wood in the summer. Hurrah for a good scan – our (then) 4 yo was never that helpful at our scans for her baby sibling either!

  3. Ohh your scan pic is fab, looks like a good week. Hope I don’t sound bossy but you might be worth adding a blog link to your disqus commenting profile as I could not find you via the comment you left for me, luckily I spotted you on someone else’s blog and followed the link. Have a great week, mich x

  4. so happy that the 20 week scan went well and what a clear scan pic. i still love looking at mine 🙂 and artic roll – very retro and i used to eat it a lot as a child x

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