365 Project, Week #5

If I’m being really honest this week has been a pretty non eventful. Never the less I have managed to take a quick pic everyday! I’m really pleased I’ve done a whole month already and look forward to continuing!

Here’s my week in pictures:

Day 26

photo (31)

Sunday was a lazy day at home, the munchkin decided she wanted to do some aqua beads, which she got last Christmas (2012) so we had good fun making some of the designs before we went round to our friends who treated us to a lovely cooked Sunday Roast.

Day 27

photo (34)

Last week I had a mini craving for broccoli pasta bake but there wasn’t any broccoli in the co-op and I had stopped thinking about it the next day! It must be something about Mondays, as this week I had the same thought! This week there was broccoli, so I made this yummy dish for my tea whilst the munchkin was at Rainbows.

Day 28

photo (33)

The munchkin is doing an after school glee club this term and 3 of the songs she needs to know are from the film/musical Hairspray. Tonight we settled down to watch it. It’s quite a political film so I was frantically trying to work out how I would answer any questions she had in a way she would understand but she was more interested in the singing and dancing.

Day 29

photo (30)

I found this little monkey in my bed when I got out of the shower!

Day 30

photo (27)

We went to the library on Thursday night, the munchkin chose 4 books. She saw some older kids doing some homework so wanted to sit at the table to make sure she had chosen good books before we checked them out!

Day 31

photo (29)

On Friday we went round to some friends for tea and to have a look through some baby clothes that she no longer needs! As you can see at friends houses the munchkin really makes herself at home! I’m now off to a really good start with baby clothes, think the little one will be really well dressed as I know some other friends who want to give me some more clothes too, I know I’m very lucky.

Day 32

photo (35)

Today has been a pottering about day. The weather has been really miserable. Mr C took the munchkin to go and watch the football and came home early it was so cold! Whilst they were out I had chance to sit down and have a nice brew. It was definitely a cuppa kind of day!


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13 thoughts on “365 Project, Week #5

  1. I know just what you mean about having a non-eventful week. I do love your pictures though! I had to laugh at your daughter looking her books over before checking them out. I work at a library, so I think that is adorable!

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