Love the Little Things #4

I’ve managed to get to week 4 already! Where has January gone?

Here are my little loves for this week:


I started and finished my 2nd Jill Mansell charity shop bargain this week, An Offer You Can’t Refuse. It took a little longer to read than the last one. Still a good read but I didn’t enjoy the story as much. I’ve got a couple of books from the library so I’ll be starting one of those this week.


Me and the munchkin watched Hairspray. I love the film (and the musical) She enjoyed the singing and the dancing. At one point she was up dancing along but decided it was too tiring so she would just watch instead!


This week I heard on of my favourite Florence and the Machine Songs. It was played at the wedding we went to on Saturday and then I heard it on the radio. I can’t help turning the volume to loud and singing along, badly, at the top of my voice to this!


Last week I couldn’t stop thinking about broccoli pasta bake, but when I went to the shop by us on the night I really needed it, there wasn’t any broccoli! This week I decided I needed to make it an luckily there was broccoli this time around. It was yummy and I even had enough left over for my lunch the next day.


I ordered a couple of maternity dresses from asos. On Saturday we went to a wedding so it was a perfect excuse to wear one of them. It’s a lace, Cobalt blue dress. It was really comfortable, which is what I’m aiming for at the minute, and I didn’t half look bad in it either. I will definitely treating myself to a couple more items from asos, I was very impressed!

And Finally

Super proud of Mr C this week, he had an interview for a team leader position where he works, he wasn’t so confident after the interview but he must have impressed them. He wasn’t offered the job that he went for but a much better one! He starts on Monday. I know he will be really good and I’m proud of him for putting himself out there and out of his comfort zone.


These are my little loves this week. why not go and see what other people are loving this week.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

6 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #4

  1. Huge congrats to your husband, that’s fantastic news!

    The dress you wore sounds lovely, it’s great when you find a piece of clothing you love, I found this especially hard when I was pregnant! I think there is so much more choice now than when I was pregnant with Noo about 7 years ago.

    Thanks for joining in, have a great week xx

    1. There is definitely more choice maternty clothes this time round! I’ve inherited quite a few bits from friends but it’s still nice to get something new 🙂

  2. I love Florence and the Machine! I could listen all day!

    Big congrats to your Husband on his new job xx

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