365 Project, Week #10

Week 10 already! I can’t quite believe it! The week has gone by in a blur, I can’t quite remember what happened!

Here’s my week in pictures:

Day 61


Sunday was a busy one. With Mr C not getting back from London until the afternoon, the munchkin and I went to my goddaughters birthday party, who happens to be one of the munchkins very good friends, at bowling and then onto a Christening, where we finally met up with Mr C to finish the weekend.

Day 62


Monday I got home from work to find Mr C and the munchkin outside on the drive having a little play and getting some fresh air! Here the munchkin was going on an expedition.

Day 63


After leaving it to the very last minute, as per usual, I couldn’t find any pancake mix anywhere! Unbeknown to me how easy pancakes are to make. So for the very 1st time I made pancakes from scratch. The munchkin said they were the best pancakes she’d ever tasted in the world, which can’t be a bad thing!

Day 64


Wednesday the munchkin was being cool!

Day 65


On Thursday I went for my lunch at a garden centre near where I work with my very good friend, who I happen to work with. She finished on Friday for 2 weeks and will be getting married next week! I saw this sign, which I love! I must go back and get it!

Day 66


Friday was a lovely day, the munchkin again got to enjoy some time after school outside! She saw her 1st ladybird.

Day 67


Mr C plays amateur rugby, although he’s been retiring for years! We went to watch him on Saturday, the munchkin got to squelch in mud which seems to be her favorite past time at the minute, which is handy ’cause everywhere is so muddy!

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