26 Weeks – Back at the FMU

Is it just me or are the weeks just flying by?

One minute I think, oh it’s ok I have absolutely loads of time and then another week has gone and I’m still no closer to being anywhere near organised!

This week saw us back at the Fetal Medical Unit at St Marys in Manchester to see the consultant there.

St Mary’s is impressive, it’s like an airport, very modern and welcoming. To get to the Fetal Medical Unit,  you go through some double doors to the scan unit, passing all the happy pregnant people who are going for their usual scans and sit round the corner in the FMU waiting room.

The 1st time we went 6 weeks ago I felt physically sick sat in that little waiting room. This time me and Mr C were both feeling quite relaxed as we knew that our worst fears, well, are no longer fears.

It’s still not a nice place to sit, you know that some parents to be are there for the 1st time, others are there finding out whats wrong with their babies, others might be told devastating news. On Monday it was pretty busy there were 4 couples and for the 1st time we had to wait for a while before we saw anyone. You understand why you might have to wait when you’re in there, you never feel like you’re being rushed and they’re trying to just get you in and out the door. We saw a different consultant to last time and we didn’t have to explain our situation, which is reassuring that everyone knows whats going on. They take the time to explain things to you and give you a range of options and scenarios.

We had another scan, the 5th so far, they saw the stomach again, baby is growing fine and everything was fairly positive.

My amniotic fluid is still high but luckily hasn’t increased, because the concern has been raised about babies swallowing, they’re going to see me again in 4 weeks.

They have mentioned they may want me to have the baby in Manchester. If there is a partial blockage in babies swallowing they won’t be able to tell that until he arrives. If I have him in Manchester, they will be able to run some tests straight away and if necessary, hopefully not, they will be able to get him to the surgeons quickly. They are also going to arrange an appointment with the surgeons in the next few weeks, so if they do find something we are fully aware now of how they will fix it rather than trying to digest the information after giving birth!

I still have to keep an eye on tightening in my tummy, and if I start to feel extremely uncomfortable they may think about draining some of the fluid although I’m nowhere near this stage yet. They did say that if they did have to drain then it could bring on early delivery and there is still the risk that baby might come early.

I should probably get a move on organising just in case.

I think I need to write a list!


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