27 Weeks

I’ve made it to my 3rd trimester. I didn’t realise it was my 3rd trimester until my pregnancy app told me. It’s gone pretty quick!

It has not calmed my panic that I have so much to do and I’m very quickly running out of time to get my arse into gear!

I tried to write a list but I can’t stop thinking about needing a new changing bag! I get stuck after that even though there are other essentials I need!

There’s so much to sort at home, like really sort. Every room needs a good clear out and a deep clean.

In the morning I have every good intention to get something done. I visualise what I’m going to achieve, I get home from work and I’m stuck to the sofa, I’m just too tired to do anything.

It’s been a pretty tough week physically.

The bump doesn’t seem much bigger than it did last week but it’s been feeling really heavy. My whole middle has started to sway with which ever leg is leading the walk.

Quite a few people have commented on how massive I look, it’s not so bad coming from friends but when someone I don’t really know says it I find myself explaining the whole extra fluid situation to them! Total strangers are finding out about my medical issues, I bet they leave wishing they’d never said anything!

Things are just becoming harder to do.

After a busy weekend, at the beginning of the week, the bump actually hurt and was actually sore carrying it around!

Bending is uncomfortable, I can bend down but need help getting up. Walking upstairs has me out of breath, actually just sitting has me out of breath!

I can’t get comfy when I’m sat at work, or in my car or in any position that isn’t virtually horizontal! Everything just feels rather squashed!

My ribs and upper back feel achy and stretched. My knees are killing! If my legs are straight they hurt, if they’re bent it hurts more. Today I nearly pulled my hamstring just standing up!

I have been doing quite a lot of sighing, grunting and moaning!

The baby makes it quite clear I’m squashing him by wriggling and moving so I have to get up and have a walk round. His movements are getting stronger, you can actually see my bump moving now, Mr C and the munchkin have actually been able to have a feel, he’s very active.

All this before I even mention Braxton Hicks. I don’t remember feeling them with the munchkin. At 1st I just thought it was the baby moving into another awkward position, then I realised he hadn’t moved. They’re quite strong sometimes, it actually has me worrying that this tightening will cause my extra fluid to pop thinking I’m ready for an early arrival! I’m not and nor do I want my waters to go whilst I’m sat at my desk at work or when I’m walking round asda, although a friend did tell me if your waters go in a shop they might give me free stuff!

Then I start to panic that I’m still nowhere near ready and really should get a move on and at least organise a hospital bag just in case.

Next week is a busy appointment week, it’s actually a busy week in general with one thing or another. I have a couple of half days from work I need to make sure I get started on something!

I really should write a list, or two!

I need to get a move on ’cause this whole uncomfortable moaning situation is only going to get worse over the next few weeks!

We’ll start right now!

*hunts on internet for new changing bag*


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

8 thoughts on “27 Weeks

  1. Bless you. To me this is the trickiest stage – nowhere near ready but feeling so pregnant! Hope you get lots of rest. Take it easy. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  2. Oh I remember feeling this way! I hope you can rest a bit and not feel so sore. I didn’t get my bag done till really late! Hope all goes well x #pocolo

    1. Trying to rest, getting my feet up as much as possible! I didn’t 1st time around but this time I’m itching to get it sorted! Thanks for reading x

  3. Ah I’m two weeks behind you with no. 3. And yes I’m firmly on ‘Bumpwatch’ now. Why are people constantly surprised that it’s getting bigger, not smaller? Erm, yes, that’s what happens everyone. Now regarding the exciting prospect of a new changing bag, what about a Storksak? The Elizabeth has seen me through two children. Am just coveting it in grey. Anyway, there’s an array here to choose from. That can go straight to the top of your list ;0)

    1. I know! How is it suprising to people! I’ve had plenty of ‘are you sure there’s only 1 in there!’ comments!
      Changing bags look fantastic, I will have a little look, thank you x

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