Project 365, Week 12

Week 12 all ready! I’m actually surprised with myself that I have managed to keep up with this project and I’m really pleased too! I think we sometimes forget the little things that happen each day and with this project me and my iPhone manage to capture a little snapshot!

So here we are, my week in pictures, again if you follow my 365 posts completely random!

Day 75


On Sunday after getting back from York and having an afternoon nap, I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open, I decided that rather than cook we would go out for Sunday tea! So we did. The place we had our wedding reception many years ago has a gorgeous restaurant so I decided we’d go there. Food was delicious and really reasonably priced, service was great too. The munchkin spent some time drawing a picture and doing a word search!

Day 76


The munchkin did her Rainbow Promise, we were so proud she got up and spoke in front of everybody, she’s definitely gaining confidence. After the promise all the Rainbows had a little party tea.

Day 77


The munchkin tried to sneak this into school on Tuesday, in order to prise it out of her hands I had to promise to take pictures of it at work! I sent them to myself so she got them on her ipad when she got home from school. She thought it was brilliant I’d actually taken it into work!

Day 78


After Glee club, the munchkin wanted to make up her own dance routine, she set up a ‘stage’ on the floor. I had to pretend I wasn’t watching as she wasn’t ready yet!

Day 79


More dancing practise! This time the munchkin roped Mr C in and they practised one of her glee club dances!

Day 80


The munchkins school had postponed dressing up for book day until the 21st to coincide with Sports Relief. The munchkin wanted to go as Matilda or a Ladybird, she opted for Ladybird as she loves the Julia Donaldson book What the Ladybird heard!

Day 81


The munchkin was at a part on an adventure farm, it was brilliant! As well as a play area, feeding the animals etc, there was some creepy critters there! She loved having a look and hold of the tarantula and a baby snake! She had a brilliant time!

At night I went out with my friend to a ‘Night at the Movies’ It was brilliant! We had some food and then the act did songs and dances from Grease, Mama Mia, Dirty Dancing and Saturday Night Fever! I did a lot of singing along and chair dancing! It was a really funny and great night, so I’m sneaking in an extra picture for this week!


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