An Ode to Heartburn

I know you are a by product of this ever growing bump
But heartburn, I’ll be honest you’re giving me the hump

Some days you are distant and play a little trick
Then you’re back with a vengeance making me feel sick

It’s not even certain foods that cause your presence here
I just have to look at water and you suddenly appear

My food has started repeating in a really sickly way
Sometimes I am scared to burp as reappear it may!

I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not used to your nasty ways
Normally my food gets swallowed and goes away

The burning sensation that you give me in my throat
Often has me rubbing and trying not to boak

Gaviscon or rennies don’t make you go away
I’m eating tons of love hearts at least I like the taste

I know you are a side effect of this ever growing bump
But heartburn seriously you are giving me the hump

Dear Heartburn, you suck, love me x

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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