The Arrival of the Munchkin


So as it’s Mothers day on Sunday and I am currently baking baby number 2 I thought I would share this picture.

It’s our 1st photo taken as a family.

It had been fairly long, nearly a week, by the time we got to this point and I was bloody knackered!

Five days after finishing work at 38 weeks, I was induced with high blood pressure and pre eclampsia. My blood pressure had been fine up until this point. I had contractions all day on the Thursday after my tablet (not oral) by midnight I was 2cm dilated but my contractions had stopped. The next day I was told that we really needed to get labour moving as my blood pressure was far from stable so they were going to break my waters. As I had to be monitored constantly I had to wait for someone to be available, and wait I did. At 10pm I was in the delivery suite with the midwife waving what can only be described as a long crochet hook at me! (ok she didn’t really wave it about) breaking my waters! I disturbed Mr C who had just settled down with a curry and a corona!

I laboured through the night. I lasted a while and then started with Gas and Air, that stuff was good and then basically took any drug that I was offered to ease the pain. Making me completely out of it and fall into a deep snoring sleep in between contractions. I take my hat off to any woman who can do it without drugs I really do, you are super human! Everyone is different and I simply couldn’t, although I did try to last for as long as possible without anything.

By 10 the next morning I was 10cms dilated. I remember thinking, as the drugs had pretty much wore off , that baby would be with us by 12. Well, 12 came and went, as did 1, as did 2, as did 3. They tried to get me to stand up but soon had me back on the bed trying to cool me down with wet paper towels. By 3 I was so tired, the baby was not for coming, I was told to stop pushing. The midwife, my 3rd of the process due to shift changes, told me she was going to get a consultant as baby wasn’t for budging.

Next thing was a room full of people discussing getting prepped for theatre, They were going to see if they could try ventouse and suck the baby out and if not it would be a cesarean section. I will be completely honest, by this point I really didn’t care I was so tired and I just wanted the baby out!

The munchkin was eventually born by emergency section on Saturday 12th July 2008 at 3:45pm. She had to have a little work to get her breathing. They really should tell you they might not breathe straight away after a section. And had a rather large cone head from where she’d been stuck! Mr C went off with her when she was ok, I fell asleep whilst they were stitching me back together!

This picture was taken whilst I was in recovery. I look awake but I had to get the nurse to tell me when she was going to take it so I could open my eyes as I was really struggling to keep them open.

When I could open them long enough I was totally smitten!

I can’t quite believe I’m going to be doing this all again!

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5 thoughts on “The Arrival of the Munchkin

  1. What a lovely little family 🙂 the most presious thing of all wow what a blog! The True strength of women when it comes down to child birth and her family remarkable, much love to you all xx

  2. Oh wow what a post. I was going to say you’ve remembered it really well but I still remember mine very well too! It’s not called labour for nothing is it and you did brilliantly. You must have been relieved to get that C section in the end although it sounds like it was the safest. Apparently it’s easier second time around, who knows! But it will be over then you’ll have that new little bubba in your arms! Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

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