Little Ladybird

The munchkin is blossoming before my eyes and it’s making my heart and eyes fill up!

Her school didn’t take part in dressing up for world book day and instead postponed the day to coincide with sports relief. They could go into school dressed up as either their favourite book character or sports person.

The munchkin chose to be a ladybird, one of her favourite books is What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.

In the past she has flatly refused to dress up and has only taken part under much persuasion.

It’s not that she doesn’t like to dress up, she does. Many a time I have taken her to Asda and she’s in a Cinderella full dress up outfit, crown and clip clops included, waving at people from the trolley. It’s just, she’s so worried about what the other kids will say!

This time she was actually excited to be dressing up! The night before she set out her outfit ready for the morning. She woke up and actually gave a little cheer that it was world book day. She started to get ready by herself without me even asking!

When we got to school for breakfast club, I could see the worry creep in. She started panicking that we had it wrong and other children wouldn’t be dressed up. She clung to my hand as we walked across the playground. ‘What if those mummy and daddy’s have sent their kid in a uniform?’ She asked.

I was trying my best to reassure her on the short walk, then a little girl she knows got out of the car dressed up! ‘Hiya’ they shouted at each other. You could physically see the change in the munchkin, all the tension left her little body, she relaxed the tight grip she had of my hand and started to grin from ear to ear. She almost skipped into school realising that she wouldn’t be the only one dressed up!

I was yet again left filling up whilst I dropped her off and then when I got back in the car. My poor little munchkin still so worried but not thinking about it too much before and letting the excitement of dressing up for school win!


My little ladybird!

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8 thoughts on “Little Ladybird

  1. Oh that is just lovely! She looks like a great ladybird! “What the Ladybird Heard” is one of my son’s favourites too, it’s such a great book.

  2. Very cute post. Good that she was able to let go of her fears. Thanks for linking up with Loud ‘n’ Proud.

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