Love the Little Things #12

I’m a little late with my little loves this week, it’s been a busy start to the weekend!

Here are my little loves for this week


It’s actually getting embarrassing but I’m still reading The Making Of Us! I am getting there with it though.I’m hoping this time next week I will have at least have attempted to read something new!


I have watched 2 great episodes of my favourite programmes this week! My Mad Fat Diarys episode was from Chloes point of view, I thought it was just brilliant and Kepner wedding in Greys Anatomy! Oh my goodness, it was fantastic! I’m so glad Jackson stood up and finally told her that he loved her! I can’t wait for next week to see what happens, I really hope she gives it a go with him, they would be so good together! Yes I am aware it’s only fiction!


I always love the soundtrack to My Mad Fat Diary, it’s set in 1996, right in the middle of my teenage years! This week on the show they played Basket Case by Green Day! Took me straight back to sitting in English, everyone knew the words to this song! It was the reason I ended up buying the Dookie album!


This week I made stew for tea. I added more vegetables than I normally do, parsnip and turnip and it really was delicious!


A maternity maxi dress! I don’t normally wear maxi dresses ’cause I’m short and they make me look even shorter, but with bump I am currently loving how comfy they are!

And Lastly

I have had some lovely proud mummy moments this week! We had parents evening, she’s doing really well, a mothers day service, there’s something about school children singing that always makes me fill up and then the munchkin was in her glee club performance. She was a little bit shy pants which is what we were expecting but she really enjoyed herself!






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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #12

  1. Oh Kepner’s wedding! Cannot wait to see how that turns out. I’d been getting a bit bored of Greys this season but this has won be back for sure.
    I had Dookie when I was a teen, loved it! I can remember singing along with my friends in my bedroom – so many memories for this album. Great choice.
    Thanks for linking up lovely x

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