Love the Little Things #15

I’m later than usual with my love the little things post. I was all set to get the post up on Friday but we went away for the weekend and I lost all signal and internet connection. So here I am with my little loves from last week, better late than never!


I haven’t really had much time to read this week. I’ve flicked through some catalogues but that’s about it! Very disappointing I know.


We have started watching a new series on Sky, About a Boy. I have read the book and watched the film, Mr C hasn’t. I wasn’t sure how it would work but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it! There isn’t much both me and Mr C will watch together but I think this will be one of the programmes.


I love listening to the munchkin play and sing, she’s really good at entertaining herself. I have spent this week listening to her. I end up turning all the other noise off just so I can hear her play and make up little songs!


This week I made a real effort to get organised and actually managed to have a good tidy of downstairs! There’s still a little while to go but a start has been made!


Again, I’ve mainly been wearing my scruffs and I’ve really enjoyed it!

And Lastly

I have had another lovely week off with the munchkin again, although she can be pretty tiring I still really enjoy her company! I will be sad to go back to work and for her to go back to school next week.



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