Project 365, Week #16

Normal randomness has resumed this week and I’ve managed to get back on track with taking a quick snapshot a day.

Here is my 16th week in pictures:

Day 103


The weather has been lovely, we started the week on Sunday visiting friends and going out for Sunday lunch!

Day 104


Monday saw a trip to the dentist for me and some other errands! Would you believe from this picture the munchkin actually really liked this hat!

Day 105


The munchkin spent most of her day on Tuesday playing outside on her flicker! She’s getting really good at it now and has even learnt some tricks!

Day 106


Wednesday, the weather was still lovely if not a little windier! We went to have a play and then a picnic lunch with friends at the local water park. We had a lovely few hours enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

Day 107


Thursday I was trying to get us all ready for our weekend away in the caravan and try to tidy up a little bit! I hate to come back to a mess. This was all proved much more difficult when the munchkin decided to set up camp on the living room floor!

Day 108


We had arranged to take our caravan to North Wales, we do usually try and get away over Easter as our 1st caravan weekend of the year. We normally go to the lakes but this year I wanted to be by a beach! After arriving and getting everything set up we went for a walk to the beach. As you can see from the munchkins clothes, the weather was absolutely beautiful. We had a brilliant couple of hours just before tea time!

Day 109


After our 1st sleep of the year in the caravan we had a busy fun day. The munchkin got set up for the day by eating her breakfast and watching frozen (again)

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5 thoughts on “Project 365, Week #16

  1. Love caravan holidays so much, food always tates better in a caravan – even cereal!!

    Beautiful beach weather too – Wales is great when it actually stops raining 😉

    1. I know what you mean, we have a tourer it’s our little home away from home. The weather and the beach were beautiful! We were really lucky with the weather! Thanks for popping by x

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