31 Weeks

I already know this post is going to be mainly a massive whingy whinge fest that I’m not going to apologise for!

I have been feeling rotten. The under the weather ness from last week took control with a full-blown head cold. Lots of coughing, snot and a voice that kept escaping me. Typical really when I had the week off with the munchkin. It’s not easy trying to control a strong-willed 5-year-old when my voice kept breaking like a teenage boys!

Not being able to dose myself up sucks majorly and already feeling lethargic and heavy doesn’t help. I have been suffering in not so silent, silence!

It really took it out of me, lacking in energy and motivation reached a whole new level, I was even more out of breath walking upstairs than I am usually. There has been quite a lot of time spent lounging on the sofa, in between trying to tidy. ‘Cause although I’ve been feeling mega pants I have managed to do a little bit, we ended up with a fairly straight downstairs for a change. I haven’t even started to tackle upstairs yet! Need to attempt that when I’m not coughing every time I move! I would do a little bit, then sit down for a bit, then do a little bit, then sit down for a little bit more. There is no speed in anything I have been able to do.

I had an appointment with the consultant at the local antenatal unit this week. After reading the report from St Marys they wanted to see me for, well I actually have no idea what they wanted to see me for. In fact I found the whole appointment pretty pointless. I felt like I was doing quite a lot of the explaining about what was going on. They had a good feel of the bump, still plenty of extra fluid in there and I’m measuring about 35 weeks. I got to hear the heartbeat which I always love and I found out that my GTT results were normal, so the sugar in my water was definitely down to the massive slab of cake I ate!

I’ve also been to see Barbara about my blood pressure, which was fine although I’ve no idea how. I really, really had to access my inner calm for that appointment as the munchkin was being, how should I word this, a massive pain in my wobbly arse! She even told her she’d been naughty all morning! She is honest if nothing else!

Ok, so maybe I will apologise for whinging but sometimes needs must!

Hoping for a more positive less snotty week next week!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

10 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. Oh it sounds like a rotten week! Moan away if it makes you feel better, being pregnant is hard work and it’s made even harder when you’re poorly. I hope you have a much better week ahead of you.

  2. I remember the second pregnancy being so much more tiring and difficult than the first because – well, you’re chasing around a munchkin! Take care of yourself and remember: when you’re not allowed to have wine, you’re perfectly free to whine. #pocolo

  3. Moan away honey! This is your space for you to do what you want with and it is better out than in! It is up to people whether they want to come here and read or not!! Bless you, I hope you are feeling a whole lot better now and that things get easier soon. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. ohhhhhh not long till our I mean your baby arrives! How exciting. I am the worlds worst when preggers. In fact I don’t think you moan enough. Good job I didn’t have a blog then. No-one would have read it bab xxx

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