Project 365, Week #17

Another week of randomness, even more so this week with getting back into the school and work run it’s been pretty disjointed.

Here is my week in pictures.

Day 110


On Sunday we were still enjoying our time in the caravan. The weather had taken a little nasty turn, it wasn’t freezing but it wasn’t the sunny days we had been used too. I hadn’t slept very well so whilst Mr C took the munchkin on one of the carts with our friends and then swimming I had a nap! I took this picture out of our caravan window, I could hear them coming, the sound of the kids screaming and laughing could be heard all over the site!

Day 111


The sunshine was back out, it took us a little while to get home, we couldn’t get sat nav signal so drove about 40 minutes out of our way. Luckily we managed to avoid too much traffic. When we got back, we nipped to visit my mum and dad and spent some time in their garden.

Day 112


Tuesday was back to school and work. I can’t say Tuesday morning was the smoothest as no one really wanted to get up and get back into the routine after 2 weeks off. This was after school, although tired, she was still full of beans!

Day 113


Wednesday was a bit of a nothing day, nothing was really achieved or done. Just a lot of vegging until bedtime. I did write a blog post though, I sometimes find the week getting away from me when it comes to writing posts. Really need to get more organised.

Day 114


The munchkin lost her 1st tooth! I suspect much fiddling went on to get the tooth out! It was wobbly but I’m not sure it was quite ready to come out by itself!

Day 115


Mr C has gone away for the weekend so it’s just me and the munchkin! On Friday I thought it would be nice for us both to have a pamper night. The munchkin loved it, we were both nice and relaxed!

Day 116


Saturday we have had an extremely lazy day just pottering around the house! Sometimes lazy days are the best days!

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