Wobbly Tooth

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The munchkin got her 1st wobbly tooth. She had been waiting for this moment for a while. Most of her friends at school have already lost teeth and had a visit from the tooth fairy, when she realised it was wobbly she was very excited.

She wouldn’t stop messing with the bloody thing, which of course meant it fell out much sooner than it was probably meant to.

Last Thursday at school to be exact. The munchkin came running out of school with THE biggest, now gappy, grin on her face as you can see from the picture above and clutching her tiny tooth in a paper towel! It had fallen out at breakfast club apparently.

As I was not expecting it to be freed from her mouth so soon I was completely unprepared. All I had in my purse was a handful of change. Nothing  worthy of a present from the tooth fairy!

A friend came to my rescue, with experience of all things toothy, she had a spare shiny £2 coin. I decided that £2 was about the right price for a tooth these days.

There was a point in the evening that she contemplated keeping the tooth, although I still have no idea why, come bedtime the tooth was strategically placed to cause minimum disturbance and I actually remembered to take it, leave the coin and then hide the evidence (in a little envelope now in my underwear drawer)

In the morning I had a very excited munchkin on my hands, she wasn’t sure how the tooth fairy had been when she had been awake ALL night! She wanted to take the coin to school, she was warned to leave it in her bedroom somewhere safe but no, she completely ignored my sensible advice and carried it around with her all morning.

Of course she dropped it down the drain in the sink (it was blocked so we took the plug catcher thing out and hadn’t put it back in) ironically whilst she was brushing her teeth.

If she hadn’t been so upset and melodramatic about ‘losing her tooth for nothing’ I may have been inclined to say I told you so, instead we decided that we would write to the tooth fairy that night explaining what had happened.

The tooth fairy of course wrote back and left another shiny coin. In her letter, in teeny tiny writing, she wrote that she should take better care of her coin as she wouldn’t be able replace any more and had only done it this time as it was her 1st tooth, oh and that she should brush her teeth before bedtime without fuss.

The munchkin wants to write to her again to see if she can have her tooth back! I’m not going to remind her!

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6 thoughts on “Wobbly Tooth

  1. That’s so sweet. We’re a bit away from wobbly teeth and my son currently thinks that the tooth fairy leaves chocolate coins – I hope that idea stays! #Whatsthestory

  2. Oh bless her! I love that gappy photo she looks so pleased with herself. It’s a whole new world this tooth losing. Such a great story though and I’m glad she got her fairy money. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

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