32 Weeks

You’ll be pleased to know that this week I’ve been feeling better. I’ve not been 100%, the cold, snot, coughing still looming and my voice has still been playing tricks on me. I think it may take a couple of weeks to get anywhere near the energy I had back, if I get it back at all before the baby arrives. I’ve not been feeling as sorry for myself as I was last week, just.

Over Easter weekend we took our caravan away, we had a lovely time but caravaning and being heavily pregnant is certainly an experience! I’m not the most helpful usually but I was even less helpful this time, I’m great at delegating though.

A couple of things also reared their ugly heads whilst we were in our little home from home.

Heartburn has been at an all time level of awfulness! I can cope most of the time with the annoying pain, what I really don’t like and what’s completely different to last time I was pregnant is the sneaky acid reflux that ends up in my mouth. I honestly didn’t even realise that could happen! It’s mostly whilst I’m asleep, waking me up in the middle of the night, making me feel sick! Would you believe it was even worse in the caravan! I’m not sure if it was the angle I was trying to sleep at or something else, at one point I was trying to prop myself up to at least get a little sleep without getting that salivary thing that happens in your mouth before you puke.

Another thing that has been getting me up in the night is needing to go to the toilet! I was feeling really rather smug about the whole needing the loo situation. I had got away with it and hadn’t really needed to go any more than normal. I certainly hadn’t been woken up by it. This of course is no longer the case! I’m pretty surprised I managed to last this long before I was getting up in the night. Suppose it’s something that I’m going to have to get used too again.

Feeling sick and needing the loo in the middle of the night are obviously just what you need when you’re in a touring caravan! Not the easiest of things to deal with. I was half glad when we got home, things are always easier to deal with at home.

After finding out I would be induced at 38 weeks, I’ve brought my leaving date at work forward. So when I went back after the bank holiday I only have 3 weeks in work.

This week I had a couple of half days to pick the munchkin up from school whilst Mr C was away. I decided to walk to pick her up as driving just screamed lazy to me! Although I have developed a full on waddle, if I went around quacking I’m pretty sure I’d pass for a duck. My lower back hates me if I’m stood up for longer than 5 minutes and everything hurts after a little while but I still walked. Being the good mummy that I am, one day I took her flicker so she could scoot home. It wasn’t the easiest to push, it kind of has a mind of it’s own. I seriously considered riding the bloody thing to school, what a sight that would have been!

I went to see the lovely Barbara again, my blood pressure was fine again, better than last week. I’m confident I can keep my blood pressure normal for the next few weeks now. I’ve not experienced any swelling (touch wood) and I’m not puffy at all, which is something that I really suffered with when I was pregnant with the munchkin.

Still no where near organised, I put it down to not feeling the best and being away. I’m only a little worried, got a good feeling that when I finish work and the munchkin is in school I’ll manage to get much more done! We’ll have to watch this space!

The time is going to fly by isn’t it?!



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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