Project 365, Week #18

If you are a regular reader of my week in pictures post you will know that it is normally really rather random, keeping up with tradition, this week is no different!

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 117


On Sunday it was still just me and the munchkin! With no where really to go we did a bit of pottering around the house! The munchkin wanted to go out somewhere for lunch, I decided it would be nice to go to the little garden centre near our house. We had something to eat and then had a little look around, I honestly didn’t think she would be so excited about plants and shrubs!

Day 118


Monday and we were back to the routine of school and work. The munchkin was also back to rainbows! The ‘In Bloom’ co-ordinator had been in to do a plant session with them so I got this little plant when she came home, she was extra excited after our visit to the garden centre yesterday.

Day 119


My friend at work treated my to a McFlurry as a surprise! I had been really tired sat at my desk! The cold and the sugar really helped me perk up a bit!

Day 120


We spent some time reading the munchkins school books

Day 121


The munchkin picked up a world cup sticker book in the shop, she was very excited about finding the flags and then finding where the player should go! She’s been asking for more stickers ever since!

Day 122


On Friday we actually went out for our tea, I however was out of battery so didn’t manage to get a picture! I took this one when we were home and all cuddled up on the sofa!

Day 123


Saturday was a  very busy day! We had to nip to the shop for some trainers for the munchkin as she’s doing an after school athletics club, then she went swimming, then we watched Mr C play rugby and then we went to meet some friends at a Real Ale festival. It’s an annual thing that we normally go to, although this year as we didn’t go all day we took the munchkin with us! She spent some time collecting mud and worms in this bottle (they are now in a jar) They are now her new ‘pets’

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