33 Weeks

It’s been a long week hasn’t it? Don’t you think? The days seemed to drag by! I’m not sure if it had anything to do with this being my first and last full 5 day working week for a while. Not that I’m on countdown just yet. Honest.

I’ve been feeling a lot better, the worst of the cold is now over. I’m still a little snotty but this could be down to hayfever which I usually suffer from mildly. I’m managing to get about without being too out of breath even of it’s at a really slow pace.

I have been tired.

Oh so tired!

(Every time I hear that in my head it’s in the tune to the Bjork song oh so quiet!)

Mega tired.

I don’t think I can express in words how tired I’ve actually been.

I am waking up more frequently during the night, my body doing that whole preparing for the arrival of a newborn thing it does at this stage in pregnancy! I wish it wouldn’t, I wish it would let you get as much sleep as possible during the night so you can store it up ready for night feeds

I’ve really struggled to be alert at work. In my defence there are no openable (probably not a word) windows so it’s been difficult to get fresh air to try to keep awake!

Although the bump is a very good desk fan shelf!

My blinks are lasting longer and on occasion they may have turned into micro naps, you know you drop off and your head jolts forward waking you up! I also cannot confirm or deny that I may have nodded off sat at my desk and woke myself up snoring! All I will say is that my friend was chuckling away to herself when my eyes shot open!

As soon as I get home and get comfortable my eyes close and off to mini dream land I go! One night the munchkin went and got her duvet from upstairs to cover me over!

I can’t even blame late nights ’cause I haven’t been having any!

I had a routine midwives appointment, everything was ok. No more sugar in my water and my blood pressure was fine. I’m still measuring about 2 weeks ahead because of the extra fluid, despite that I was able to hear babys heartbeat! I’m to wait and see what St Mary’s say about my care before I make my next appointment to see her as they might transfer all of my care or they may want me to see the community midwife again. I’m hoping it’s the latter, getting up to Manchester for a routine appointment will be a right pain in my bottom!

So apart from turning into Rip Van Winkle if I sit down or stand in the same spot for more than a minute this week has been a pretty good one!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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