Project 365, Week #19

This has been my last week in work before I finish for maternity leave! I’m not sure what direction the pictures will take from now on but for this week normal randomness remains.

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 124


Sunday I attended my oldest friends wedding. It took place in Manchester Town Hall and the reception was a walk across Albert Square to Alberts Chop House. It was a wonderful wedding. My friend looked stunning, her dress was beautiful, the whole day really suited the couple! I’m so happy for them both, they are perfect for each other.

Day 125


The munchkin had stopped over with her Gran whilst we were at the wedding and was out for a walk when we got back. When she got dropped off she’d picked me some flowers!

Day 126


Yesterday the munchkin had gone over on her ankle and it was quite swollen, even though it didn’t stop her playing on it! After school today it was still quite swollen. We really knew that there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with it but thought that we’d rather be safe than sorry so took her to A&E to be checked out! She, as predicted, was fine, which made us feel really guilty about wasting everyone’s time!

Day 127


A nice quick easy but yummy, if I do say so myself, tea on Wednesday.

Day 128


Thursday saw us back at the FMU at St Marys. All my care has now been transferred over to St Marys so the next time I’m there, I will be having baby!

Day 129


Friday was my last day in work before my maternity leave starts! I got some lovely treats and some very nice balloons I’m hoping will last until baby arrives!

Day 130


I’m cheating a little with the picture, I just couldn’t choose my favourite! Saturday I went for afternoon tea with my friends at a lovely little tea room not far from where I live. It was lovely to get out for a couple of hours, have great company and the food was scrummy!

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