34 Weeks

To say that I was on countdown is an understatement!

After the bank holiday and a day of annual leave, I was only in work 3 days. Friday I finished to start my maternity leave.

Originally I wasn’t really planning on finishing so early and did want to work up to about 38 weeks, with every thing else that’s going on and knowing that I’m being induced at 38 weeks, I just thought it was the right time.

It turns out it really is the right time to finish, I am really ready for the rest.

I was spoilt by my colleagues, with presents for baby and balloons, I do love balloons, and a really nice card. It does make you feel that people are thinking of you.

I’ve been feeling much better, with no snot and hardly any coughing, which has made me feel tons happier and not as fed up. I’m still pretty tired and could quite easily fall asleep wherever I’m stood or sat and the snoring definitely hasn’t gone away, Mr C is still sleeping on the Sofa. Heartburn is still a killer pain but (touch wood) the reflux hasn’t been as bad. I’ve managed to prop myself up at night when it’s like the devils reflux and at it’s very worst and the rennies do seem to be working at keeping it at bay.

Getting about is more difficult, although not really unexpected at this stage! I need help off the sofa, the munchkin has taken to helping me off every seat I sit on. The really groany noises whenever I have to move are only going to get worse. If I’m shopping or out and about I need to sit down at regular intervals otherwise I’m never sure if my back will hold out.

We were back at St Mary’s for our final appointment. Everything seems to be ok with baby and they were able to see his stomach again. It’s strange seeing him so big on the scan and you can really make out parts of the body. My care has now been transferred over. Baby will be born in Manchester and I have my date to be induced which is a little scary. I’m not sure I’m really ready yet, but with a bit more time will be able to get things a little more organised. I still have to see the community midwife as normal, it’s a bit far to go just to have by BP checked.

I really think the next few weeks are going to go so fast, I can’t actually believe how fast this pregnancy seems to have gone so far,

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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