Love the Little Things #19

Another week and another chance to have a little look back at the week just gone!

Here are my little loves for this week.


Nothing of note really, I did buy a couple of trashy magazines this week though, I had a flick through them. I like to do the competitions, although I never ever send them off so will never win!


We watched Grown Ups 2 this week. I’ll admit I am a bit of an Adam Sandler fan, although I’ve not been so impressed with some of his more recent films. This film however was very silly and had me chuckling along all the way through!


I’ve heard this song a couple of times on the radio this week. It’s a good one to sing along too.


This week has been my 1st week of maternity leave. I have made a real dent in getting organised. I am actually beginning to think that I may be ready, finally, when baby arrives.


Mainly my scruffs and anything that is comfortable! Looking anywhere near half decent is becoming a struggle!

And Lastly

I have really enjoyed my 1st week off, I’ve managed to rest a little, nap a little and get organised a little.




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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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