Love the Little Things #21

It’s that time of the week again, when I get to have a quick look back and share with you my little loves of the week.


Nothing for me, but I did read a book I ordered for the munchkin to put in her little gift bag from her new brother. It’s called I’m a Big Sister now. I though the story was lovely and the illustrations really pretty, I’m hoping the munchkin likes it!


As we can’t find anything we like on TV at the moment, me and Mr C have taken to finding films to watch. This week we watched Invincible, which was a disney american football film based on a true story. It was a really nice feel good film and really easy to watch. We always like watching films that have happy endings!


It’s been half term and the munchkin has been away for the 1st time with my parents. I’ve got to say it’s been very quiet here. I have missed hearing mummy.


Nothing too extravagant this week, although I did make a scrummy chicken lasagne!


Still in my scruffs I’m afraid, not having to go anywhere has given me free licence to wear whatever is comfy and at the minute, nothing really is!

And Lastly

This being my last week of pregnancy, this has honestly been a really lazy one. I have done not much more than sleep and rest on the sofa. I’m thinking my body must need it so I’ve just been going with it to make sure I’m ready for next week! Eeek!




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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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