Project 365, Week #22

So I am back on track, sort of. When looking on my phone for the pictures for this week I am a photo short. It’s from last Sunday and in my defence I was alone most of the day and didn’t really do anything, with the munchkin going away with my parents for half term and Mr C at a touch rugby  tournament all day and with the weather being absolutely awful!

I haven’t really done a lot the rest of the week if I’m honest, mainly sleeping. The munchkin has been away for the 1st time ever so the house has been very quiet. So my usual randomness has taken a whole new level with this week in pictures!

Day 146


Bank Holiday Monday, Mr C and I spent some time having a clear out in our bedroom and a move round of furniture to accommodate the baby crib and the rocking chair I found invaluable last time round. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the lovely weather.

Day 147


I nipped to the shop for some bits and treated myself to a small bunch of flowers. I think there’s something really lovely about having flowers in the house.

Day 148


Wednesday I finally packed my bags ready for hospital. I packed a bag for myself and then a bag for baby. I’ve probably packed too much but with not having baby locally it won’t be as easy for Mr C to nip back for anything we may have forgotten!

Day 149


Although this picture doesn’t show you how smooth my hands and feet are, on Thursday I had a manicure and pedicure. It was nice to be pampered although I was fairly uncomfy trying to sit up straight with the bump!

Day 150


I received these beautiful flowers from my very good friend. It really made me smile after I’d had a tough couple of days. These and Mr C going to get the munchkin really cheered me up on Friday.

Day 151


Has been a brilliant day. The sun came out and it’s the best I’ve felt all week. We went for a walk and the munchkin rode her bike. I was actually able to walk, all be it very slowly and we had ice cream. We then went to our friends house and had a BBQ this afternoon. I literally didn’t do anything apart from sit but it was in the sunshine and it was with really good company, my friends Mr C and of course my little munchkin.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how well I’ll do next week with this project. I’m due to go into hospital on Monday and imagine that I will be there for a couple of days. I will try my very best to stick to a picture a day. We will see and we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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