Project 365, Week #25

It’s becoming easier to get a picture a day, although you may find this post pretty baby photo heavy. I’m not sure there’ll be much change with that over the next couple of weeks. Resting leaves me a little house bound so although I’m obsessed with taking pictures of the munchkin and the froglet there might not be much variety! Bear with me though, we’re not going to be stuck in one place forever!

Here’s my week in pictures:

Day 166


Fathers day, I’m cheating slightly by framing the 2 pics of our 2 babies! Both took on Sunday. I have no doubt our littlest will grow to be equally as cheeky as our biggest!

Day 167


The first of what will be many, sleeping baby pictures!

Day 168


Two weeks old! We have been together at home for a week and cannot believe how far we have come in 2 small weeks! Today I was feeling very thankful.

Day 169


The munchkin sat down to make some loom band bracelets! This always quickly turns into her choosing the colours and me doing the bracelet!

Day 170


It’s a big learning curve owning 2 babies! Tonight found things clashing and me doing some serious multi-tasking!

Day 171


Having some awake time and some cuddles!

Day 172


We took a trip to the beach! We had a fantastic day and discovered the munchkin is a real adrenalin junkie!

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9 thoughts on “Project 365, Week #25

  1. I started the photo challenge yesterday and have a feeling moat of my pictures are going to be of my baby nephew! Cant help it šŸ˜€

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