First Day out with the Froglet

On Saturday we got out of the house and we went on our 1st day out as a foursome.

As a family with a newborn.

I’ll be honest, on Friday when the text came through from friends inviting us out to the beach I felt something I’m not used to feeling.


My 1st real experience of anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt worried before but never had I felt so worried that I actually considered saying no to something, to turning something down.

I couldn’t quite get my head around what exactly we’d need to take to keep the froglet safe, how we would go about keeping him cool and out of the sun but warm enough so he wasn’t to cold, whether it would all just be too much trouble.

It would be much easier to just, well, stop at home.

The thought of leaving my little post newborn bubble and the safety net of our house, where everything I need is on hand, for an extended amount of time actually had my heart racing.

I’m so used to owning a nearly 6 year old who will quite loudly tell me if there’s something wrong or if she needs something, getting out and about with her was easy. As long as she had a hat, suncream, a towel and we threw a spare set of clothes in the boot just in case we were away on sunny days.


6yr olds are easy

I’m completely out of practise with the needs of a newborn. Plus with everything that happened I may (most definitely) am feeling a little (lot) more cautious that I was 1st time round.

I stressed. A Lot.

What will we need? There’s milk, bottles, nappies, wipes, changes of clothes, dummies, blankets, pram and more to now take into consideration again. What should he wear? Everything is still just a little too big and I wasn’t sure a baby gro was suitable for outdoors on such a warm day. What should I wear? Everything is still just a little bit tight!

Mr C assured me we’d be ok. If I was too worried when we got there, then we could leave. He packed the car with beach games for the munchkin, he made the picnic and remembered drinks, he sorted most of the changing bag. He was, as always, a star.

I tried on several different outfits, fretted over something for the Froglet to wear and remembered the pump for expressing! (something else I didn’t need to consider 1st time round)

Needless to say, I completely over packed for our few hours out. The car literally looked like we had packed for a week away.

I really shouldn’t have worried, although that’s easy to say now.

We went to Ainsdale beach, luckily you can take your car on to park up, so there was no lugging everything with us. We found a spot, parked the car and had everything handy.

Our friends had a UV beach tent which turned out to be fantastic and something I will most definitely be sourcing and investing in for sunny days. Froglet, lay sleeping soundly in his pram top, was sheltered from the sun and wind and all things sandy.


UV tent took the stress away.

The munchkin and Mr C had a whale of a time. Digging, playing boules, flying her kite, paddling in the sea and jumping from Sand Dunes.


Competitive Boules comp

DSC_0675  DSC_0690  DSC_0682

Sand Dune Jumping

I sat relaxing, still not able to do too much, enjoying the sunshine.

The time flew, which is always a sign good times have been had.

We had a pic nic for lunch then left about tea time and found a little park to have a BBQ as they weren’t allowed on the beach.


BBQ in the park

Everyone and everything, apart from the Froglet was covered in sand, even inside the car where we’d had the window open. Despite that, which is easily sorted with a quick shower, we had a fantastic, cheap day out that actually turned out to be quite relaxing. It really was nice to get out of the house.

I was happy to get back to my bubble knowing the next time we go out we’ll cope, with a little planning and plenty of over packing, and I’ll be a little more confident and maybe a little more relaxed.



Froglet slept soundly all day


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6 thoughts on “First Day out with the Froglet

  1. Lovely post and I felt just the same even taking my newborn into town… All that air and smells and stuff touching his fresh skin. 🙂 poor mite is getting used to being popped in his car seat now though while I ferry others around. Looks like a lovely day though, blew away lots of cobwebs I expect x

    1. It was so lovely to get out in the fresh air, even with the worry. Just wanted to keep him in our little bubble for as long as I could! Not really practical though. Thank you for reading lovely x

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day at the beach. Anxiety is horrible. Hopefully having done it the first time will make you less anxious the second time

  3. What a lovely post – I can completely understand why you must have felt anxious – but it looked like it all worked out for the best 🙂 A lovely family day. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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