Project 365, Week #26

The weeks are going quickly, I can’t believe that we’re already half way through the year!

Here is my week in pictures!

Day 173


After a busy day on Saturday, we spent Sunday watching the team Mr C coaches and then pottering around at home.

Day 174


Monday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary, we both forgot, well there has been plenty of other things going on recently! To celebrate, no fancy meals or presents for us, we had a BBQ for our tea with our 2 kiddies.

Day 175


On Tuesday the munchkin had a little presentation at her after school athletics club. I really didn’t want to miss it so managed to get a lift to school. We walked back from school and the heavens opened we got soaked! It was still warm and we giggled all the way home!

Day 176


Wednesday and another after school club presentation. This was a Dance club so they did a little dance show for the parents. The munchkin loves to dance and is always making up dances at home, when she has to do anything in front of a group she gets all giggly and shy pants. I just love the expression on her face and what a jump!!

Day 177


Another quiet day, we were discharged by the midwife ’cause this little one had put on weight!

Day 178


Friday and we’re ready for the weekend!

Day 179

IMG_6665  IMG_6670

Saturday we nipped to the shop, Mr C went to play rugby and then we went to our friends for a BBQ for our tea! I got to spend the whole day with these 2!

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