Love Is.


Love is not the feeling you have when you’re at the beginning of a relationship and everything is zingy, which lets face it won’t last and is lust dressed up in the feeling of Love.

Love is something much better than that.

Love will last much longer.

Love comes in many forms.

Love is for family and friends.

Love is looking at your kids and being proud for just having them in your life.

Love is the overwhelming feeling we have to protect our children.

Love is wanting to give your children good, happy experiences.

Love is the smile your children give you.

Love is watching your kids in their dance shows and trying not to giggle and cry and the wonderful expression on their faces.

Love is stroking your babies face as he lies in intensive care and promising him you’ll never let anything bad happen.

Love is cuddles.

Love is forgetting your wedding anniversary but knowing in the grand scheme of things you have years left together.

Love is wanting to grow old together.

Love is giving each other space to live, to breath.

Love is supporting

Love is knowing that sometimes you get on each others tits but knowing that with a bit of time it’ll be ok.

Love is being able to sit in silence and it not be awkward.

Love is enjoying each others company.

Love can be hard.

Love is worth it.

Love is perseverance.

Love is strength.

Love is support.

Love is being able to giggle together.

Love is knowing they’re your person.

Love is Family.

Love is your parents.

Love is childhood memories.

Love is being thankful for the things you can pass onto your own children.

Love is new experiences as a family or with friends.

Love is good friends.

Love is being silly with the people most important to you.

Love is listening.

Love is taking the mickey.

Love is not taking yourself too seriously.

Love is good times.

Love is being there when people need it most.

Love is sticking around through bad times.

Love is knowing you don’t need to see each other all the time to know you care.

Love is getting drunk, silly and making a fool of yourself and not being judged.

Love is catch ups and conversations.

Love is cake, especially birthday cake.

Love is days out in the sunshine.

Love is jumping in muddy puddles.

Love is spending time just doing nothing together.

Love doesn’t cost a thing.

Love is good company.

Love is in jokes.

Love is making memories.

Love is Laughter.

Love fills your heart with happiness.

Love is not stuff.

Love is all of this and more.

Love is all you need

Love Is.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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