Project 365, Week #28

What a lovely sunny week we’ve had. I’ve been deep in birthday preparations for a very excited munchkin who turned 6 on Saturday.

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 187


After our busy Saturday, Sunday was much more chilled. My friend took the munchkin out for a couple of hours to choose some pumps for her birthday, so it was just me and the Froglet for the afternoon. We decided to take it easy whilst we waiting for Mr C to get back from Edinburgh.

Day 188


Monday and the munchkin took part in a sponsored common wealth games event with rainbows. At the end they all got a little medal! I’m always really chuffed to see how excited she is with taking part in things.

Day 189


Tuesday was the munchkins sports day. You could see by the beaming smile just how much she was enjoying herself!

Day 190


Bedtime cuddles

Day 191


Wednesday we didn’t get up to much really, more pottering around the house and cuddles with the froglet!

Day 192


Today was spent getting things ready for the munchkins birthday and party. She wanted to get a big girls bike as she can now ride without staberlisers, she also wanted banners and a balloon like how she had it when she turned 5!

Day 193


Someone was very excited to be turning 6!

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