Sports Day

I’m starting to discover that the munchkin is fairly athletic. She likes to run and she’s fairly fast, she’s got a mean throw on her, she’s strong and she loves to play football, she’s pretty good at it!

Tuesday was sports day, a few days before she boldly exclaimed that she was going to win the running race. It took us by surprise, she’s not normally so confident in her on ability but she was adamant. ‘I am’ she said, ‘I’m fast, we’ve practised and I won already.’

I didn’t doubt that she had won in practise but with other parents and us watching I knew it would be a whole different story! She goes all giddy pants and spends more time nosing at what everyone else is doing rather than concentrating! Last year she was in the lead and when she looked at us, she stopped where she was and started giggling! We told her to try her best and as long as she did that and concentrated on what she was doing we would be proud.

Tuesday came and it was her turn, they race in teams each earning points if they win. She’d already spent the time waiting for her race, bouncing on the spot, pulling funny faces, pointing and telling anyone who’d listen that her baby brother was there. She lined up ready to run with the biggest grin on her face.

I wasn’t hopeful her prediction would come true, she was still really enjoying herself.

They were off, a boy got a little head start, she managed to catch up and pass him, she then spent the rest of the race looking around at the boys to see where the others were.

She actually Won!!

I was so chuffed I started to fill up, can I still blame pregnancy hormones? I wasn’t even bothered she’d won the race, more that she’d really concentrated on what she was doing, well sort of concentrated but she’d tried really hard!

She did really well on the rest of the activities too, except the balancing the ring on her head one, she finished last but was still smiling!


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5 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. My lad had his first sports day recently. He loved every moment, came last in most things but tried his best at everything. Never realised how special sports day was until then.

    1. I can’t help smiling when I watch her doing stuff like that. It really doesn’t matter where they come as long as they enjoy themselves 🙂

  2. Ah I love watching them get so involved in something and concentrating like that. No wonder you were proud! She looks really chuffed with herself 🙂 Thanks for linking to #loudnproud this week and so great to see pics of your little Froglet! x

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