Getting Our Skills On

Here in the Cowley household we do love ourselves a challenge, so when I saw that tots100 had teamed up with Robinsons Fruit Shoot for a Get Your Skills on challenge I knew we should have a go!

It was easy to get the munchkin and Mr C excited, they like to learn new skills and they are, how should I put this, competitive! I have been witness to some pretty intense games of Uno!

All we had to do was complete 10 Challenges out of a list of 40, we actually did 12 as the munchkin snuck in Den Building and I will use any excuse to eat biscuits. As it was to be a family affair, we chose the activities we would attempt together, looking for things we knew the munchkin could try with little help, that we would all have to try for the first time and that Me & Mr C did as kids but hadn’t done with the munchkin yet.

The Challenges we set ourselves were:

* Shoot a Hoop

* Hula Hoop for 15 seconds

* Bounce a tennis ball on a racquet

* Throw and catch a ball behind our back

* Roll Down a Hill

* Skip without stopping for 10 seconds

* Score a Goal

* Swing as high as we could

* Dribble a ball for 15 seconds

* Throw and catch a frisbee

Each of us tried every challenge, the froglet mainly slept. We captured our attempts on video, inspired by the Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills On tour and how to videos on youtube. I *may* now be a little obsessed with making mini movies. I tried photos but I just couldn’t capture the enjoyment properly, I couldn’t think of a better way to preserve the experiences.

There were some skills the munchkin could do more easily than we could. Like Skipping:

She also had the right wiggle for hula hooping, Mr C not so much:

We found out she was brilliant at dribbling a football, a new found skill, and scoring a goal! Think we may have the next Kelly Smith on our hands.

There were some that the munchkin found a little trickier than we did. Me & Mr C managed it after a couple of tries but no matter how many times she tried she could not throw a ball and catch it behind her back:

It was the same for shooting a hoop, although the net at the park could have been a little too tall for her:

Rolling down a hill and swinging as high as we could had Mr C & I reliving our childhood and had the munchkin giggling:

We picked a really windy day to try throwing and catching a frisbee, something we realised we had never done with the munchkin before, she picked it up pretty quickly.

She’d also never tried bouncing a ball on a racquet, she was getting it with the little help of Mr C dressed as Clarke Kent (don’t ask!)

 We were pretty chuffed with ourselves when we managed a challenge, to say we had fun doing them is an understatement.

I’m really glad we took part, we have made some really funny memories and we laughed. A Lot.

I can’t finish this post without showing you challenge number 11 ’cause even now watching it back it makes me belly laugh!

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