Project 365, Week #33

This week found us on our second week of our staycation. Like last week we had some fun days out and also some days just pottering around at home. It’s been a really good 2 weeks and I’ll be sorry to see Mr C go back to work on Monday.

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 222


Sunday saw us visiting our good friends. We always have the easiest times with them, not having to do anything in particular but just enjoying each others company!

Day 223


We had a day at home watching films. It was a really lazy day and the munchkin didn’t even get out of her PJs

Day 224


We were back at the park for another Junior Rangers session. The munchkin loves the crafty sessions, this is what the children created today!

Day 225


We took a trip to Alton Towers, it was tiring but we had a great day!

Day 226


Thursday saw us at an arts session at a local farm. We created this garden in a box, the munchkin as usual loved it.

Day 227


Friday we went to Apple Jacks adventure park (full post to follow), the munchkin tried her had an Archery!

Day 228


Another pottering at home day. I got lots of cuddles with my favourite little man!

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8 thoughts on “Project 365, Week #33

    1. The junior rangers sessions have been brilliant, all free activities and my little girl has loved them! Thank you, I love baby snuggles šŸ™‚

    1. We’ve actually had a really lovely couple of weeks. She had the stance and everything for Archery, I was shocked and impressed equally šŸ™‚

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