A Day at Alton Towers

We wanted to take the munchkin to Alton Towers, I wanted to see what the newly opened cBeebies land was like. Alton Towers is expensive, luckily as our friends have super-duper Merlin passes, they were able to get us in for really cheap as they can have friends and family tickets close to their birthdays if they accompanied us. So off we all set (us, my friend & her 2 kids), picnic and waterproofs in hand, for a day at Alton Towers.

The kids were excited straight away as we were welcomed into the park by pirates, they found the pirate driving round in a boat playing loud music hilarious! cBeebies land was great, it’s the first area you get to once you’ve walked in from the entrance. I was really impressed, the rides incorporated all of the cBeebies favourite characters, there was lots for the children to see and do. The munchkin particularly liked Justins House, you had to collect and fire balls our of cannons. Me not so much, I’m a big target and got whacked in the head!

The girls, both now tall enough to go on some of the bigger rides wanted to explore. Me and Mr C took them on Sonic Spinball. We had to shelter from the rain as it started pouring down, we ran for cover in the Tree Fu Tom training camp back in cBeebies land, which is where my friend was with the froglet and her son. The rain didn’t stop the kids going on the zip wire and having a run round.

Now wet we thought it would be a perfect time to get the water rides out of the way. After the log flume it started raining quite heavily again, we ran for cover in Sharkbait Reef, which is a mini sea life centre. We couldn’t take the pram in, we didn’t want to disturb the froglet who was cosy in his warm dry pram to carry him round in our wet arms. I could understand why the didn’t allow prams, there’s no way it would have fit but I was still disappointed. Mr C took shelter under a canopy whilst Me, my friend and the 3 kids had a wander round. Thankfully the rain then stopped and stayed off for the rest of the day.

We had a great time and really enjoyed the park. After the log flume and the river rapids, which got us soaked, the girls went on the runaway train, we all went on the tea cups, which were actually pirate barrels, talk about dizzy! We went for a look at the extreme rides but didn’t go on any, in the past we’ve gone on as single riders, we love fast rides but decided it wasn’t fair to have the munchkin waiting around, plus it’s much more fun queuing up and riding with someone else! Think a child free day might be in order!

There are plenty of things we didn’t get to see. We didn’t go across to Cloud Cuckoo Land, which is the other area geared towards little ones. I had started to ache, you walk quite a way getting from one place to the other. My stomach started hurting around my c section and my back was killing, something I was quite surprised at as we’re now 10 weeks on, but a sign that we were ready to go!

Why not watch the highlights of our day!


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6 thoughts on “A Day at Alton Towers

  1. I used to love Alton Towers when I was a teenager. I’m sure it’s changed hugely in the, ahem, 20 years since I last visited but I definitely want to take my kids there sometime soon.

  2. I’ve never been to Alton Towers but now that I’m trying to get over my fear of rides, due to the teen wanting to go on everything, I might give it a go. We did Chessington the other day. Looks like you had lots of fun x

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