Project 365, Week #36

We have spent this week getting back into the routine of back to school for the munchkin and working out how the froglet and I will spend our day!

Here is my week in pictures

Day 243


Sunday was a lazy day, most Sundays around here are at the moment! Mr C was out coaching rugby in the morning and in the afternoon we just had a pottering around day at home.

Day 244


Monday was the last day of the school holidays. The munchkin opted for a movie day! You will never guess what films we watched that day from this picture!

Day 245


Today was the munchkins 1st day back at school, she’s gone into year 2. She was a little nervous but on the day excited to see her friends!

Day 246


With the munchkin back to school Me and the froglet enjoyed some time doing absolutely nothing!

Day 247


This morning we went to baby sign, then this afternoon the weather was so lovely, we decided to go for a walk. There’s a strong possibility I got lost and the walk took me twice as long as  I was hoping! I mean I’ve only lived in the area for 10 years!!

Day 248


Today we got out of the house again and went to baby massage. Froglet was nice and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Day 249


Today we went to a fun day at a local pub in aid of the local hospice. Our friends told us about it in the morning, it was all very spontaneous and lovely. Elsa was there so the munchkin was over the moon!

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3 thoughts on “Project 365, Week #36

  1. baby signing and baby massage, how wonderful. Hope she is settling back into school and enjoying being back. She looks very serious watching that film, or is that concentration?

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