Bun in the oven?

Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant again, the consultant made it quite clear that although I can have another baby if I really wanted to, it probably wouldn’t be wise, ’cause of the ol’ weak womb & masses of scar tissue that now resides there!

I realised I hadn’t told you all about how I found out I was pregnant with my, now, 7 month old. So much happened with the pregnancy and his birth which was all pretty difficult and traumatic it’s easy to forget the nice and funny bits. So I’m going to try to remember them, starting with this.

There’s 6 years between the munchkin and the froglet. The froglet, believe it or not, was a happy accident. I wonder sometimes if people are dying to ask why the age gap! We always wanted more than one child but just, well, hadn’t got round to it. I was enjoying our little trio and honestly wasn’t sure how an addition would fit. I really was in no rush.

Towards the end of September 2013 I had turned into rip van winkle. I would struggle all day at work to concentrate, sometimes feeling like I was going to fall asleep sat at my desk. I would get home, sit down and be out like a light I just couldn’t stay awake! During that month I had been embroiled in a silly bet with my husband and had given up meat. (Still waiting for you to pay up Mr C!) I had started to crave steak, I would dream about sausages (not like that you dirty lot.) With the cravings, tiredness, forgetfulness and a little help from google I diagnosed an iron deficiency. Totally understandable after giving up meat.

Not once did I think I could be pregnant. It really didn’t even cross my mind. Although it must’ve come up in conversation cause Mr C would not stop going on about it and once he gets something in his head he just won’t let it drop so to shut him I did a pregnancy test, still not thinking in the slightest I could be pregnant and thinking what a waste of bloody money the test was!

Well, as we know it was positive! I don’t think you have ever seen more shocked faces or the words ‘oh shit’ repeated so many times in an evening! I was happy, the decision of when to have another baby had been taken out of my hands. We giggled a lot that night too.

Once the shock had subsided, it took a couple of days, the excitement set in.

So that’s how we found out about our happy accident. If I’d been expecting it I might have realised sooner the quite obvious pregnancy symptoms!

If you have kids how did you find out? Were there any tell-tale signs that gave it away? Were you expecting your bundle of joy or were they a happy accident like the froglet?

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2 thoughts on “Bun in the oven?

  1. My first little surprise was 20 years ago, after a whirlwind 4 months since meeting MrH we were engaged and living together sort of 1/2 way between our workplaces. So by late Sept having been back to work as a nanny for 3 youngsters With an hour’s commute either way I wasn’t surprised I was tired. We were a little surprised on my 21st birthday, that after a lovely lunch withMrH I fell asleep & didn’t wake up to go out celebrating again that day -but we put it down to the 3 bottles of wine/champagne we’d shared (oops!). But a couple of weeks later I was feeling unwell as well as tired & realised I’d missed a period so MrH suggested doing a test, but I was adamant I couldn’t be pregnant because we’d been careful – clearly not careful enough! I was a little concerned how MrH would take it, not massively as we’d talked early on about both wanting children in the near future (preferably after the wedding & house buying though!) but I made my mind up I would go it alone if it were necessary. Daughter 1 turned up 1 month after completing on our 1st house & 10 weeks before our wedding!
    Daughter 2 was planned meticulously, we were going to have a 3 year gap and as I was looking out for signs I knew that I was pregnant within a week of our 1st try which a test confirmed. We are obviously fortunate enough to be ridiculously fertile! Daughter 2 was due on the same date as Daughter 1, but since No1 was a day early & No2 had to be forced out 12 days late they thankfully do not share a birthday.
    Daughter 3 turned our lives upside down. I’d settled into a job I loved & the girls had got to a point where we could relax a bit more on holiday etc. so when I started getting an inkling I may be pregnant just before Christmas 2004 it was hard for us. Once again I didn’t think I could be, thinking over the previous month even though my body was telling me otherwise. For the first time we decided not to tell everyone straight away, in part because this time we had2 children who would understand & so felt the need to wait ’til the 12 week scan. But also MrH wasn’t pleased & although I had always wanted a 3rd we knew it would mean a big step back & require a move (although at the time we didn’t expect it to be quite so far). It hasn’t been easy & just occasionally when I’m shattered & struggling a bit I think to myself if I had been more careful my life could be so much easier. But In truth I wouldn’t change a thing. We love daughter 3 to bits and have relished being slightly more mature parents this time. And one day we’ll get ourselves the honeymoon we planned 20 years ago! šŸ˜‰

    1. 2 surprises šŸ™‚ we were getting to that stage where things were easier, a newborn has certainly set a cat amongst the pigeons and we’ve had to do a fair bit of adjusting. In ways the age gap has helped as my little girl loves to help out, im hoping as they grow up it wont cause to much of an issue!
      Like you, i really wouldnt have it any other way!
      Thank you for reading and sharing your happy accidents xx

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