To Me from Me – Back to Work

See you got through it!
It wasn’t so bad now was it? Your first day back at work.
Ok, so you didn’t have a great night sleep, it isn’t often Sam is up most of the night so you’ll probably not be this tired again.
Well, you might do but we can get through this!

You looked good out of your ‘loungewear’ sort of.
Your hair is washed and down after you finally got it cut and coloured. You might have to retire the dry shampoo during the week no matter how nice it smells. You’re going to be out in public much more than you have the last 9 months.
We really must have a little word about the baby weight you’re still hauling around. In fact if I didn’t know any better I’d say it may have increased, let’s get settled back into a routine though first.
You just have to wait for your other new work clothes to arrive and cross your fingers that they’ll fit. That will be exciting post won’t it!
I know your new work shoes rubbed, they’ll only get comfier the more you wear them. No you cannot go in your slippers.
Lil said you looked perfect for work, that the dress was great for meetings. You can’t ask for much more than that.
And she wished you good luck, which was so sweet of her! Yes, I know it made you fill up, but it’s also made you smile today too.

I know you’re tired, you’re just getting back into the swing of things and I know you’re eyes started to strain a little looking at a screen all day and the headache, well I think that’s due to all the thinking you’ve had to do. You’ll get used to it again! You might want to book yourself in at the opticians, that might help things!

There are lots of positives from today.
You haven’t forgotten everything about your job, in fact you remembered quite a lot so the baby hasn’t completely mushed your brain.
You remembered how to write and the date! Go You!
You had a full hour to yourself to eat your dinner in peace, you’d forgotten what that had felt like.
You had 2, yes 2, hot brews and you could have managed more!
You got to listen to something other than that King Louie song from Jungle Book in the car.
You managed to hold a conversation about something other than the baby! With actual adults who don’t live with you!

Some things we need to talk about and remember to make our mornings easier.
You need to shower and wash your hair at night. The baby does not appreciate the time needed to get clean and so you don’t look like you’ve not been dragged through a hedge backwards.
Make your dinner the night before, we’re not going to be wasting our money on the cafe are we, we have nursery fees to pay now!
Make sure the munchkins school stuff is ready tonight, she will start getting dressed herself if you help her with her top button. That’ll be a big help in the mornings!
Have a look up of current affairs and tv programmes other than baby tv and cbeebies to hold more adult conversations. Don’t be worried about talking about the kids though, that’s what you’ve been up to the last 9 months!
Plasters need to go further down on your heel to help the rubbing.

Don’t forget it’s the babys first day at nursery tomorrow. He’ll be fine, you know he will, try not to worry.
After tomorrow there’s only 3 days til the weekend and even better only 5 weeks until the Easter Hols!

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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