My Mothers Day Wish List

As I’m not even sure the members of my household have any clue when Mothers day is, I’m pretty sure any hints I have been giving are falling on deaf ears. I do not want a repeat of Christmas, yes I know I mentioned I would like a glue gun but I did not want it wrapped and under the bloody Christmas tree! So basically I’m spelling out for Mr C and my wonderful kiddie-winkles, some things that would be really nice for me to receive a week on Sunday, this way they can’t go wrong can they.

I’m a simple soul and don’t ask for a lot in life, here goes:

1. Personalised mouse mat, would make me feel so much better about being at work.
2. Mummy mug for work, again personalised or the Cath Kidston ones are really pretty!
3. New laptop. Stop laughing, yes I know it’s only Mother’s Day, this is a *WISH* list! A mummy can dream can’t she? And I did nearly die giving birth to the last one!
4. ‘The Secret Me’ book, you know I love that sort of thing!
6. Flowers, just cause.
7. National Trust annual family pass, this actually benefits us all guys!
8. A lie in, I would really love a lie in and maybe a cuppa in bed. Ooo that would be nice!
9. Voucher for a massage/facial/manicure/pedicure
10. Cake. You can never go far wrong with cake!

So there we are dear Family, It would be lovely to receive any of the above as a treat from you to me on Mothers Day but a giant hug from my 2 mini terrors and some nice family time will do me fine too.

What would you put on your Mothers Day wishlist?

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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